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My ex-wife is about to file for bankruptcy and Id like to

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My ex-wife is about to file for bankruptcy and I'd like to know how it may affect me.

Here are a few specifics about our situation:
- She is unwilling to give me details, e.g. financial status, scope of debt
- We divorced 3 1/2 years ago; divorce decree dated 29 July 09
- Our divorce process was collaborate
- We are both retired from the Air Force
- Per the decree, "hers is hers and mine is mine", e.g. no alimony or other financial support between us
- We have two children, 17 and 19; the older is in college and the younger lives with her mother
- We have/had no joint accounts or property, that I am aware of
- She owns her house; mortgage in her name only
- She owns a business; it's an LLC and I was not directly part of it in any way
- I assume that her business has gone poorly and is the cause of her financial problems
- She has a job
- I have a job, rent out my home, and am financially comfortable.

How might I be at risk and what should I do to protect myself, if needed?
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Your former wife's bankruptcy would not typically have any effect on you since you do not have any joint debt or joint assets. You have both waived alimony/ financial support and therefore her financial situation cannot increase her alimony.

Based on your information only the child support may be adjusted to reflect the current financial situation.
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