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Mark, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  14 years, real estate, tax, bankruptcy, debt resolution, and criminal law
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We filed a chapter13 bankrupcy back in July 28, 2010. For the

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We filed a chapter13 bankrupcy back in July 28, 2010. For the pass two years the trustee to our case has constantly filed to dismiss our case on account of missed payments. We have explained to our lawyers helpers that our jobs r parttime jobs. The nature of our work is decorating for tradeshows. N only when there is tradeshows here in San Antonio, Texas. Since the first payments started back in Sept 2010 she has contantly filed to dismiss , forcing us to allow her to take out more for the payment. This has gone on ever since! What started out to be 68.75 each (my husband n I) each week of the month to 100.97 each, every week of the month! Just resently (last month) I again was forced to allow her to take out 97.00 more for the month making our payment 1000.00 a month! (Because we fail to make some of the payments because we did not work some weeks.) Even though we did that she still sent us another letter saying she is filing to dismiss our case because we did not send her our income tax files! What can we do to stop this! It is getting out of hand! The good for nothing lawyer we hired does nothing to help us! Everytime I call his office his helpers are the one to handle my complains not him! He says for a conference with is out of the question because we can not afford him! Please help!
You might want to find out if you can covert your case to a chapter 7. I would say ask your lawyer. However, since he does not provide any solution, then you might want to consider a new lawyer. I hope this answers your question. If not, then please reply. Thank you.
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