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My landlord is in bankrupsey. The Federal Bankrupsey court

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My landlord is in bankrupsey. The Federal Bankrupsey court has ordered his house that I am a tenant in sold. he does not live here, I live here with another woman. I saw his bankrupsey papers; they say he can not appeal it. He says he's going to stop it. I don't think he can. The house is on the market for $610,000. (The house has $800,000 in liens on it). A man has made an offer on the house for $600,000. Who can make the decision to sell. I say, the trustee of the property. My roomie says the landlord. Who is correct? The man called me a few days ago. I didn't get to talk to him. He left me a message that made me think the trustee had granted him the sale. I am putting my things in storage tomorrow and will began to look for another house. I have paid my rent for this month. I think the landlord wanted to get the last bit of rent from us and that's why he told us not to worry about it. I will gladly pay you for your opinion. I just want some legal input.
Over 34 years, I have assisted my clients with debt problems having filed more than 32000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petitions.
You are correct that the bankruptcy court trustee has total authority and jurisdiction over the sale of the home. Likewise, if that is the order of the court that the property be sold, it cannot be appealed. And you should only be taking direction from the court trustee and not from any potential buyer or landlord. I wish you well.
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