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I recently learned from my wife that her brother at age 58

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I recently learned from my wife that her brother at age 58 is destituted. Apparently he applied for welfare benefits but was declined because he is a male. I personally find this gender discrimination to be far-fetched. Giving my brother in-law the benefit of the doubt, can you back up his claim?


I do not know what type of benefits he applied for, but I'm assuming money benefits. It is absolutely illegal to deny benefits because of gender (sex). But, I don't know of any money benefits a person can get just because a person is poor. Now, if he is disabled, there is Social Security Disability or Supplemental security income. There are also food stamps available, but that is not cash, of course. Perhaps if I had more exact information about the program he applied for, I could look up the Florida laws or rules about it. But, I assure you that they cannot deny him because he is a male.

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