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cortrightlaw, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Attorney practicing Bankruptcy Law including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13.
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true my homeowners association ... a building of 4 is threatening

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true my homeowners association ... a building of 4 is threatening to foreclose you know anything about liens?
1:03 AM
you must actually
1:05 AM
our condo board of 2 with our management company .. hired to run a building of 4 units ... in which the pres and trea can't explain where 50 K went ... they hired a lawyer sent me an notice to lien with acceleration letter ... the lawyer had my unit listed as the wrong number had the years wrong etc ... I don't think this matters because its just the notice.
1:06 AM
but per our condo doc and dc gov regs ... if i ask question the total they will provide me the detail.... I questioned the entire amount based on just the the many errors in his letters which the total on page 1 didn't match page 2 ...
1:07 AM
to my surprise he ignored my request which was signed for by his office 28 days ago - he has 10 days to respond or the lien is unenforceable .... any clue why he could be so careless

cortrightlaw : I can't think of any legal reason one would not act in a timely manner especially if will prejudice their rights to collect or foreclose. Very often though with association boards and attorneys they can act very unprofessional and strange. Just hold their feet to the fire and make them comply with the regulations try are required to follow. If you need assistance in more detail ounwill need to contact a good real estate or association attorney.

i continue to try and tip you but the system won't take any of three credit cards ... and no there not maxed out ;)


thats what im concerned about managers and real estate lawyers


i think the guy forgot i sent it in on day 28


they received it ... the president property manager etc all got copies .... the property manager was hired to hide the first fraudulent acts ...quite a set up I have

cortrightlaw : Thank for at least trying to tip it is appreciated, you would be surprised just like all professions there are attorneys who drop te ball.

well they could be charged criminally if they file a foreclosure notice based on that lien ... which i kind of help they do .. because then a lot of things would change


this attorney hasn't answered anything ... very odd .. the prop manager pres etc all ignore or block emails ... do judges not think to themselves these people are attempting to commit fraud

cortrightlaw : Unfortunately the association boards are usuall just a bunch of mosey neighbors who don't have any business or professional experience and do. K ow how to file guidelines that were established for them to follow.

we have 4 units


the penthouse is in foreclosure - so its the board and me and the property manager


would it be viable for me to argue that having the penthouse owner under short sale 6 months ago .. not paying dues for a year .. but tracked down to vote for a 30K assessment isn't proper


hes in short sale why would he vote to increase his liability by 14 k

cortrightlaw : That's a bad situation, but I can understand if there are not that many residents that are contributing the association can't make it's obligations then

they could get rid of the 10k property manager ... we are a 4 unit building

cortrightlaw : Sounds like you need to get some people together and take over the board. It's been nice chatting but I am exhausted. And it's getting late so I am going to sign off for the night. It has been a pleasure answering your questions and if you need any help with any questions in the future please feel free to request me for your bankruptcy or debt issues.

there is no one .... there are three of us ... im the only one not on the board

cortrightlaw and other Bankruptcy Law Specialists are ready to help you
I was glad to be of assistance answering your bankruptcy question. As you proceed through the bankruptcy process if you have any additional bankruptcy questions I would be glad to assist you. When asking your questions just request cortrightlaw and the question will be routed to me for a response.

Attorney Kevin Cortright

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