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Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  14 years exp., CH 7 AND 13 Bankruptcy cases, AFL-CIO UNION PLUS, UFT NYSID AND ALL MAJOR UNIONS
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Hi: I have a 341 meeting scheduled for tomorrow a.m. My husband

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I have a 341 meeting scheduled for tomorrow a.m. My husband and I have second thoughts about not having an attorney. An attorney asked us 3500.00 to fill out all the paperwork etc but we decided to fill out the paperwork ourselves since we couldn't afford to pay an attorney. My question is: Is it too late to tell them at the meeting tomorrow to continue the case until we hire an attorney.

Hello I am a licensed attorney here to help you with your question, please review my response and do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

It would not be too late, if you have a chapter 7 simple credit card bankruptcy an attorney may not be neccessary, however if you have filed a chapter 13 or chapter 11 case an attorney would and should be retained.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy fee should not be $3500 that may be the fee for a chapter 13 but I would still shop around for cheaper attorney.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

We are filing Chapter 7. Credit card debts mostly. We are just afraid of what to expect. In general, what should we expect from a meeting like this. Are they going to grill us and make us feel uncomfortable that we don't know the laws? Also we are in Connecticut, do you have an idea how much an attorney should ask as far as fees, to represent us at this meeting because all the paperwork is pretty much done.

In a simple cahpter 7, $3500 is too high of a fee. If you have no real estate property, or other assets, then expect the 341 hearing to be short 5-10 minutes, where the trustee reviews your petition, and asks you if you listed all your property and creditors, how you got into the debt problems, do you expect any inheritances, did you pay any creditors in the past 6 months etc.

Bring your social security cards and drivers license, also a recent tax return as well.

It should not be too hard. In terms of legal fees in NYC and CT, $1500 would be the average.



Some Trustees ask only a few questions, others ask many. These are examples culled from actual hearings:


  1. State your name and address
  2. Did you meet with your lawyer or someone in his office to furnish the information contained in your Bankruptcy Schedules?
  3. Was this information true and correct then?
  4. Is it true and correct now?
    • Identify any changes
  5. Did you read and sign these papers before they were filed in Court. Have you read the Bankruptcy Information sheet prepared by the U.S. Trustee prior to today's hearing (this sheet is posted in the hearing room or you can read it by clicking here.
  6. Do you own any property now?
    • please identify
  7. Have you owned any property within the last 5 years
    • please identify
  8. Has anyone in your family died within the last year or do you expect any inheritance within the next 12 months?
  9. Are you planning on reaffirming any property? Are you planning on surrendering any property?
  10. Do you have a “domestic support obligation?” - if so, please complete and return this domestic support obligation form

WALLSTREETESQ and 2 other Bankruptcy Law Specialists are ready to help you

You can also look at the above listings for bankruptcy attorneys in CT.

Good luck and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi: I don't see my last question to you. We forgot to list a work truck we paid $9000.00, 6 years ago. After having it for a month the engine blew and we couldn't pay the 5000.00 to have it repaired. I forgot to list it on my assets! It is only worth about 1200.00 now anyway. Is it too late to include this tomorrow morning at the meeting? I am going to give you the highest rating possible because...DO YOU SLEEP?

Going to try to go to sleep but gave you feedback already. If you have a chance now or when you wake up, please respond to this question! Thanks

you should advise the trustee and you would be able to amend your petition and list the car, it would most likely be exempt, if possible print out the blue book value for the car now, to show the trustee it has limited value, either way you would be allowed to list it.
WALLSTREETESQ and 2 other Bankruptcy Law Specialists are ready to help you