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hi i wanted to ask you about when i fill out my bankrupcy paper

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hi i wanted to ask you about when i fill out my bankrupcy paper work how do i go about stating my income i have no income at all i have a couple of roomates and thats how im paying my rent when the guy i was with left me i had to do something to have somewhere to live he paid all my bills for me i havent worked for at least 2 years and when i did work i worked as a independent contractor and didnt make very much
On Schedule I, line #13, add a line with "roommate contributions to expenses." You will want this amount to reflect your portion of the rent and utilities that they are helping you with. In the "occupation" section at the top of Schedule I, put "unemployed" or "disabled" or whatever the most accurate description of your situation is. At the meeting of creditors, the trustee will be able to clarify any questions he has for you regarding this arrangement, but it is not a terribly unusual situation.
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