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HCLegal, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  I have filed over a thousand bankruptcy cases.
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One of the bills is to Spectrum Laboratory Network. They list

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One of the bills is to Spectrum Laboratory Network. They list, I went there and it was Solstas Lab Partners. I read some on it and it is a merger. I went to the section to pay bills online, it asked for the accountnumber and zip code. I entered the account number from this 2010 bill and the zip code. I got the following error: The system cannot validate your account information. Please try again. Is it safe for me to call them when they open or is this an indication of something I shouldn't worry about?

HCLegal : Thank you for requesting me to answer your question.
HCLegal : You can call them to inquire about the debt but doing so may make them aware of the outstanding debt.
HCLegal : Right now it seems as if it may have fallen through the cracks

Yes, or possibly they changed the accountnumbers when they merged or something. I don't want to alert them if so but I also don't want her to get sued before 7/7/2013 which will be 3 years. One more thing on the other bill. It was also for services on 7/7/2010. To pay this bill, it offers the website of the attorneys that sent the letter, not the medical company. Does that matter or mean anything to me?

HCLegal : As far as the other account with the law office, I would want to take care of that account before any other one just in case they are thinking about suing on that account

ok, I was looking at it the opposite way. I though maybe they bought the debts from the doctor for a fraction, and they skim what they can easily and give up. I thought I may rekindle it. If I offer them 20% and they say no, should I just pay all of it?

HCLegal : They will settle for something less. If they say no to 20% wait a little while and try 25-30%

Ok, thanks for the help.

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