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cortrightlaw, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Satisfied Customers: 513
Experience:  Attorney practicing Bankruptcy Law including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13.
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I have not received answers to my questions. Something went

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I have not received answers to my questions.
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cortrightlaw : Please check on your prior question as I posted a response there, please lete know if you do not see it.

The only response I saw was a question: Had I listed a Doe? My reply was no. I only listed the Debtor (one).

cortrightlaw : Can you get back to the question and check to see if you see the rest of my response now?

I also thought to add a co-plaintiff (my wife and also a creditor), and to add a co-defendant (the Debtor's husband) since I found it necessary for having conspired with the debtor in hiding assets.

cortrightlaw : Did they file a joint bankruptcy?


cortrightlaw : Since his wife did not file bankruptcy and is not seeking a discharge I do not see a reason to include her in an adversary proceeding to contest discharability, unless you live in a community property state in which case it would be advisable as she could be protected in some instances even if she does not file.
cortrightlaw :

Here is my response I posted on your first question just in case you cant access it there

cortrightlaw :

Sorry your response did not come righ through

7:32 PM

You can just file the first amended complaint, no additional fee will be due and you should not have to file a new cover sheet, the court will have to issue a new summons for you to serve on the defendants.

7:35 PM

As to being on time you are fine since you have not served the complaint and the defendant has not answered, you just need to make sure to serve the new summons timely.


The debtor is the woman. My question deals with the legality to amend the complaint and to the legality of adding a plaintiff (my wife and also a creditor), the legality of adding a defendant to it...

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