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I was paying the irs through bankruptcy court plan. I filed

Resolved Question:

I was paying the irs through bankruptcy court plan. I filed bankruptcy back on september 26 2006, case is now closed. I was paying the irs 257.37 the plan began on november 18 2007. The last payment was sipposed to be on september 18 2011. In the month of january 2008 I sent three payments to cover the previous two months. I paid immediately after receiving a letter from the irs. Now the irs says I still two months behind. They want me two pay twice as chasticement for the first two months which wre paid late. Even though i submitted the case to the tax payer advocate the irs still sys that they will explain the same thing to me. What can i do, do i have to pay them twice? I got proof from the bank when i sent payments
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  cortrightlaw replied 5 years ago.

cortrightlaw :

I guess the answer depends on your financial situation compared to the time it will take to resolve it wit the IRS. If it is for a relatively small amount of money then it does not make any financial sense to hire a tax expert or attorney to try and resolve it with them. I agree that their penalties are punitive and ridiculous and would be considered loan sharking if anyone else tried to charge that amount, but unfortunately you are attempting to argue with big brother and I have found the the IRS usually wins the argument. But if you feel that you paid them in full through your chapter 13 bankruptcy, on time as approved by the court, then you could consider bringing a motion for contempt of court for the IRS violating the order.

cortrightlaw :

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i filed under chapter eleven. The first two payments to the irs, which were due in 11/18/2007 and 12/18/2007. were made on january 25 2008 i have proof of payments. Since i was late, that's why they want me to pay again. I filed bankruptcy on 9/26/2006. moved to Puerto Rico at the begining of 2007. is this right?

cortrightlaw : I would say that you probably donot have a good case to argue.

maybe the tax payer advocate might be able to negotiate with them

cortrightlaw : Just don't let it get further behind you wold hate to get more penalties and interests added on.
cortrightlaw : Again I hope my answers have provided you with so
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