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My son was two years ago in a small plane crash and surprisingly

Customer Question

My son was two years ago in a small plane crash and surprisingly after coma and months in hospital with leg amputated and another one with 20 surgeries, he survived. His hospital bills are more than 1 M and he did not have an insurance.
Needsless to say, the creditors are calling and want the money. He has two rental properties in DC and we have no advise
how to start over his life and what to do. Are the bills negotiable and how to move forward. He has not filed taxes for two
years because he was not able to function under the painkillers. Even IRS is after him. He would like to refinance his properties, but his credit score has been destroyed by the creditors. He paid 2K for a person who promised to help him to modify his loan under hardship conditions. Instead she ran away with his money and we can't find her.
Any advice how to normalize one's financial life in this situation?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  LegalPro replied 5 years ago.
The medical debt is dischargerable under Chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy Code. If he does not have regular income, he may not qualify for Chapter 13 where some of his debt may be paid under a wage earner plan, and his amount of debt is probably too great anyway. He should consult a competent attorney who regularly practices in the area of debtor-creditor relations or bankruptcy law. Some attorneys may offer payment plans for fees in bankruptcy representation. He should also visit a CPA or competent tax preparer and try to determine his income tax filing requirements for the past 2 years. Amounts owed for taxes may not be dischargerable in the same way that some debts are when bankruptcy is filed, but he should determine what is owed and what needs to be filed with the IRS and state taxing authorities.

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