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After three years in a civil suit, we have become creditors

Customer Question

After three years in a civil suit, we have become creditors in a real estate fraud scheme. I discovered non-dischargeable debt with no thanks to our attorneys. The Chapter 7 was sent to the wrong address. I'm sure they were hoping it would be lost. For three years the lawyers we retained to represent us cost over $40,000. Please note the defendants had no attorney. One attorney turned out to be an impostor who had done jail time for practicing law without a license, one lawyer had 2 years of delays and filed false complaint with the court, another relieved by judge because she felt he was prejudicial to our case and we would be better without an lawyer. We are now representing ourselves out of necessity because of our bad experiences. I have documents to support our case. Nothing is based on heresay. We have real estate offices that were not DBA according to the Dept. of Real Estate as well as unlicensed realtors, title company issuing documents before signed purchase agreement which include name not clear, buyers given loan for incorrect address (not our property) - obtained copy of deed and property given as GIFT to another name. Here is our problem, altered documents, etc. After 3 years, Defendants obtained a bankruptcy attorney. Received Initial Disclosures from their attorney which include more altered documents. One of the documents is suppose to be from the DRE and the Deputy Comm. will be their witness. Needless to say we have numerous letters from the DRE and the defendants letterhead from the state has been altered, signature not Deputy Commissioners either. Next week we have a Status Conference. What I'd like to know is when do we submit ALL the altered documents and other documented evidence to the Judge.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Roger replied 7 years ago.
You will submit your proof to the other side and to the court during the "discovery process". The judge should provide a time frame at the status conference to conduct discovery between the parties. This involves each party submitting questions and requests for production of documents to the other. At this time, you'll be allowed/requested to produce these documents.
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Expert:  Roger replied 7 years ago.
Is the bankruptcy attorney handling the civil suit as well?