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When filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, on the Schedule C-Property

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When filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, on the Schedule C-Property claimed as exempt form, does that include needing to list wages, social security, or pensions along with personal property, because for instance social security is naturally off limits, but if it isn't listed on the exemtion form could it be taken away? Thank You!
Hi JACustomer,
Schedule C specifically refers to property listed on Schedules A and B only, not to any type of income.
Accordingly, a pension account would be listed, but not the income from that account.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank You! XXXXX please have just a little more info-For the pension in the value column, do I just put something like undetermined amount or leave it blank? Thank You! You have been very helpful!
If you are asking about a pension account, or pension income?
If an account, why would you want to enter an undetermined amount?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This is a pension that is received monthly from employer, while debtor is now still working, even though past retirement age. So, if it is received monthly does it not get listed on the exemption schedule? Thank You!

If the pension is from an employer, it does not get listed on Schedule B and not on Schedule C - it gets listed on Schedule I (Current Income).
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