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I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy about 3 years ago, and everything

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I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy about 3 years ago, and everything was discharged and the case was closed, and recently noticed that I left out 3 creditors (2 cell phone companies, and a dentist bill) all of which occured long before I even filed the chapter 7 petition but since the attorney that I used only went off the creditors on my credit report only, at that time these debts wearn't on my credit report, plus the fact that he only got the report from 1 of the 3 credit bureaus. I had this debt such a long time that by the time I got around to being able to afford to pay an attorney and court costs I completely forgot about these creditors, until recently when I checked all 3 of my credit reports, anyways, In Ohio first of all I even able to re-open my case to amend the petition to include the 3 creditors that were forgotten, or do I need to re-open the case to add them, send notice and copys of the amended petition, etc.? This was a no-assets chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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You may file a motion to reopen the case to add the creditors. However it may not be required. In a no asset chapter 7 bankruptcy omitted creditors are discharged if the debt would have been discharged had it been properly listed
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This all came to my attention when I applied for a line of credit at a bank, and was called and told that I had 3 collection accounts on my credit report, So they asked me for a copy of my discharge papers. Then denied my credit request because I have collection accounts that wearn't named as creditors. They claimed that had they been named on the discharge that my credit request would have been approved, but that's beside the point.
So I guess my real question is shouldn't banks and creditors, debt collectors, etc. realize or know that the collection accounts were from a date before my petition was filed, and debts discharged, and if those collection agency's found out my address and phone number would they be able to continue collection efforts by any means necessary under non-bankruptcy law?
Yes they should know that but they are not attorneys. You will want to contact the credit reporting agencies and furnish them with a copy of your discharge and request that your report be corrected
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