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Terry L., Attorney
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I LIVE IN FLORIDA.i just got discharged from a chaper 7.the

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I LIVE IN FLORIDA.i just got discharged from a chaper 7.the reason i filed bankruptcy was a guy sold me a 600k house with-out telling me the house was a total loss. so i had a 735k mortgage(after refi after rehabbing whole house.bought home with builders risk insurance) on a uninsurable home with still major sink hole problems with the question is can i sue even though i did not state that i may have a lawsuit when i filed bankruptcy(my attorney said didnt need to mentioned because i didnt know if i was going to sue him for sure) ?
Hi and thank you for your question. Since you are still the owner, and the lien stays on the property until foreclosure, you would still have the right to sue in state court for violations. As to the viability of the possible suit, you should talk to a real estate attorney,as many times it's buyer beware....if you purchased insurance, you may have an insurance claim. Bigger issue though, that I see is not listing the possible suit in the case. I would have disclosed the possible suit though in the case, since it was a possibility. That issue may harm you, and could be raised as a defense if the defects were known when your bankruptcy case was filed. This could get the case dismissed if it is brought up. Thanks for your question, go talk to a real estate attorney. Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i no longer owner house was in the bankruptcy. how does this change things
You are still the owner after bankruptcy - bankruptcy discharges the debt, foreclosure transfers title. so, until the lender forecloses, you are still owner of the property.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is foreclosed and sold
Ok, then you have lost your standing to sue. Time to put all this behind you now that the bankruptcy has given you a fresh start. Good luck. Thanks for your question.
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