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So after 24 months, and never wanting to file Chap 13 we have

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So after 24 months, and never wanting to file Chap 13 we have a mod deal from B of A. My lawyer had a personal emergency and I don't have the offer in hand but know that I have to respond by Tuesday. Can't get any B of A people on the phone (spend hours)- lawyer gave them right to talk to us. Best way to get in touch with them? What to ask for? Postpone? What to do. Want the deal!

The best way to get in touch with the person handling your file is to call the attorney's office on Monday and ask the secretary to provide you any contact information.


You should call or fax them a letter requesting an extension until your attorney can get back to work, or try to negotiate with them yourselves.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Want to negotiate with them myself because lawyer is not reachable and has no one in the office. Can I notarize a fax or does it have to be the original docs? I think I have most of the pages in fax form from my lawyers asst. When I write the letter to B of A (I do have a fax number on the agent working on our case) can they reject my request for an extension? B of A has offered this to us twice and then pulled it back so I am very anxious. Can the letter ask for an extension and for them to send me originals? What language should I use or generally will they accept that the emergency means it needs to be pushed?

You should notarize and OVERNIGHT the documents to B of A.


They can reject your request for an extension. You can't risk the chance at losing a refinance by asking for an extension - you're losing prescious time.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That's what I thought. I'll sign everything we have - all the faxes - and hope for the best. I have left a ton of messages and emailed the B of A guy so now I'm on my own. Thanks - good advice -- will do! G
Good luck! I wish you the best.

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