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I just asked 3 questions and Adam Kirk answered. and I have

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I just asked 3 questions and Adam Kirk answered. and I have another question relating to one of the questions.

I said that I lied about income to get higher credit and wanted to know if I could file bankruptcy...Adam said "yes I can still file".

Then I asked if I could go to jail. (I am in Texas)

He answered:

1. You can still file 2. Lying is considered fraud, and it is possible to go to jail for defrauding the creditor, but not very likely. The more likely result is a fine on top of what you owe.

So does that mean that I WILL have to pay it all back Plus a fine?? Because he said "fine on top of what you owe". In other words-does that mean nothing will be erased in the bankruptcy?

Sorry for any confusion!


If you were sued prior to bankruptcy, the court could assess damages and penalties against you and in favor of the creditor. However, if you file bankruptcy and qualify for Chapter 7, the entire debt should be discharged.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I haven't been sued...I haven't filed for bankruptcy...I just have 76000.00 in debt that is getting harder to pay...I am not late on anything.

What I was concerned with is that IF I file for bankruptcy...they would disallow it because I wasn't real truthful (I lied) all the time when I obtained that credit. When I visited a lawyer here yesterday (before finding you) they told me it didn't mater if I lied..lots of people do it. But-they also told me that the people who were "authorized users" of my credit card could be liable..and I didn't think that was right...and you said it wasn't.


So you are saying...given these circumstances...the bankruptcy should disolve the debt?

The bankruptcy should relieve the debt.
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