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Maverick, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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I hired a lawyer to handle my bankruptcy chapter 7. Its been

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I hired a lawyer to handle my bankruptcy chapter 7. Its been two months since he indicated the paper work I submitted is complete. I have made calls and left messages for up to 3-4 days at a time before he returns my call.   

Now I have more issues, because I cannot ask him questions in a timely manner and doesnt seem concerned with my need to responde or follow up to where the case is.

Im feeling that I have either been scammed or are a victum of, "I got your money", now you can just wait until I get around to it" type of process.

What can I do? Is there legal action or somthing I can take to recover the fee's I have paid him and/or force him to do his job? Is this a common problem people have.. I hear others have started/completed the chapter 7 process in 4-6 weeks and I dont even know where my case sits after almost 3 months now. I dont want to start all over again with this process, but may have to. What would be my next step in this matter?
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Yes, what you need to do is send him a certified letter with return receipt stating:

1) what efforts you have made to contact him;

2) his failure to respond to thoses;

3) that he needs to give you a written status report on the bankruptcy and let you know when he anticipates it will be discharged;

4) that his written response needs to be deliverd to you within 7 days of his office receiving your letter;

5) that if he is not willing to comply with this and future requests for information that you should receive a refund so you can hire another lawyer;

6) and finally, a failur on his part to comply with this request and all future request will leave you with no choice but to report him to the State Bar with a grievance.
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