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I am independent driver (Taxi and Town Car Limousine) I dont

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I am independent driver (Taxi and Town Car Limousine) I don’t own any vehicle nor company but rent from limousine company owners.
I get most of payment in cash I have no paycheck.
I moved from Virginia to Texas Feb/2008 1 year and 6 months a go to TX

1. Which bankruptcy shall I use to file TX, Federal or VA
2. As an independent driver, which chapter I have to file?. Chapter 7 or other chapter ?
3. How can I show my income to trustee. I deposit my cash to bank and pay my bills from bank account.
4. One of my former tenant claim I owe him I don't have his current address I tried to find through internet but didn't get it. On creditors address what shall I write.
5. Some of my dept I don't have exact balance because it increases every time what shall I put on form? The current balance or estimate?
6. Some of the depts are handled by collectors. Shall I write original Creditors or collection agencies name address or both for the same dept?

HEre are the answers to your questions.
1. All cases are federal bankruptcy cases. You would file in Texas, since you have lived there for over 90 days, and have established jurisdiction/venue there.
2. Chapter 7 is the most common, to eliminate unsecured debts. Chapter 13 is used to stop foreclosure, or if your income or assets are too great to file chapter 7.
3. You can show deposit statements as proof of income. You should prepare a profit-loss statement, along with a business income/expense report covering the 6 months leading up to your filing.
4. You should try to get the information if possible. If completely unknown, you can send it to the last known address.
5. You can list the most recent balances, the actual balance on the date of filing will be discharged. as long as you are close, it won't be an issue
6. list both. list the collectors as 'notice only' with $0 if you have the original creditor listed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your great answer


I am sorry I forget 2 qns


1. How can I get read of my prperty(Car) tax that I owe in 2006

2. How can I get discharge my student loan I payed from 2000 - 2008 for almost eight years. my loan was 10 years. few thousands left.


I am more than happy to pay and ready to give excellent feed back.



1. The tax debt will be non-dischargeable
2. Student loans are non-dischargeable unless you can prove it is an undue hardship to pay them back...this is nearly impossible to prove if you are working. You need to show you have no current ability to pay, no future ability to pay, and that you have made payments in the past.
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