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I filed for chapter 7, I was forced into chapter 13 because

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I filed for chapter 7, I was forced into chapter 13 because they claimed I made so much money for chapter 7, I started making payments for chapter 13 whilst everything was on review I then received a letter from the trustee that he made a mistake and I did not qualify for chapter 13 I owe two homes and I intend to keep one and my total debt is over a million and three hundred thousand, in other words I have exceeded the amount to qualify for a chapter 13, today I went to court to convert back to chapter 7 but the trustee is forcing me to a chapter 11, can he do that I cannot afford a chapter 11, is there some other way to fight this I simple cannot afford this, I worked 5 jobs just to get the house sold to avoid filing for bankruptcy but the bank would simple not cooperate with me to do a short sale. Can I avoid and fight this chapter 11. Please help me.

Consider a voluntary dismissal of your bankruptcy without prejudice. You can then lower your income and refile a Chapter 7.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can I be forced into chapter 11 and what is voluntary dismissal of my bankruptcy without prejudice

You can be forced into choosing a dismissal or a conversion to an 11. A voluntary dismissal "without prejudice" means that your bankruptcy is dismissed but you are permitted to refile at a later date. If it is dismissed "with prejudice" you may not be able to file a Ch 7 again for 8 years.
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