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I have no chance to get over my credit balances, then I need

Resolved Question:

I have no chance to get over my credit balances, then I need to file for bankrupcy protection. Currently I have around 200,000 in debts on my credits cards, and my construction business totally slumped this year. I can hardly make current payments ....utilities, rent..... I want to file for bankrupcy protection in July or August, however in June I am going to Europe for vacation and do some errands for my wife, who came for the first time to US 8 months ago and now going with me in June. I stoped alredy making payments to most of my credit cards, but I saved a couple cards for use now (the plane tickets i bought two months ago). My question is now - can I still use my credit cards in Europe in June on my vacation on those accounts where credit is available, and using them before filing can influence bancrupcy court? Those cards I use now I will make a minimum payment and I will use them only for food or gas? Thank you for answer my question Artur F.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  CA Lawyer replied 8 years ago.
Once a person decides to file bankruptcy, they should no longer use any of their credit cards.

The reason for this is simple. It is considered fraudulent to incur a debt without the intent to repay it, or where you have the intent of filing bankruptcy in the future.

You must list all of your debt when filing a bankruptcy, and cannot choose to not list cards if there is a balance on them.

If you incur debt fraudulently or with intent to include it in bankruptcy, it can potentially eliminate your right to a discharge in the bankruptcy (elimination of your debts) either with regard to that particular debt or with regard to all of the normally dischargeable debts.

Its not a good idea to buy anything whatsoever on the credit cards once it has been decided to file bankruptcy.

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