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VanDLaw, Attorney
Category: Bankruptcy Law
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I am in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I was forced to put a ...

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I am in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I was forced to put a deposit on my electric account with the power company. I have been late a few time but no more than 1 month. I am now current and the power company sent me a letter stating if I do not keep current they are going to require a deposit. I already have a deposit well over what I owe them now. Is this against the law to harrass me and can I take them to court for this?


If you have already informed them you have a deposit on file, they should be fine with that.If you have not been late there is no reason to increase your deposit. If you feel you are being treated this way because you are in Chapter 13, then yes they should not be treating you differently in that respect. You could file a written complaint to the company, but I don't think that instituting a lawsuit would be a prudent use of your time or money. Harassment lawsuits are very hard to prove and lengthy. Write a letter and explain you have a deposit, and ask that to be the end of the issue. It could be standard policy and they may not even know you are in Chapter 13.

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