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Category: Bankruptcy Law
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1989 husband borrowed money ($35,000) from a (friend) ...

Customer Question

1989 husband borrowed money ($35,000) from a (friend) person in Chicago. 1998 Lendor gets a defult judgement. We are residents of Califoria. In 1999 lendor get a sister judgement in Califoria. Cook Co. judgement expired in 7 years. It has never been renewed. Califoria judgement expires in 10. Husband and I divorced in 1998. Ex Husband files for bK (1999) to be rid of debt I had a debtor exam in early 2000. I had no assets. No debt to file BK. June 2008 a collection company has liened my home for $60,000. My personal bank account was emptied.July 2008 That judgement amount said $114,000.00   Help.....
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  VanDLaw replied 9 years ago.


Begin by getting a copy of your ex-husband's bankrupcty filings to see if the loan was listed, unless you know for sure that it was. If it was listed he has been discharged of that debt and you have become responsible due to California community property laws. When you looked at your financial picture in 2000, you should have had this debt listed and considered. Also, pull a copy of your credit reports to see what is being reported as well.

I would consult immediately with a bankruptcy attorney and bring all judgment paperwork with you. They will continue to execute on the Judgment and garnish your bank accounts, and wages if possible.