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I was told by my family law attorney to get a bankruptcy ...

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I was told by my family law attorney to get a bankruptcy lawyer to protect myself from my ex husbands debt that he acquired mostly after our divorce. The lawyer in California that I hired, spent a lot of time fighting with my attorney in Portland, sending copies of my divorce back and forth, all the while both of them charging me money for not being able to have a civil relationship. I ended up not needing a bankruptcy lawyer to protect myself, but I paid them over 7000. They still want more. Now the bill is probably over 40,000.00 just by insane interest charged every month. I was told by my family lawyer not to pay the bill. So I haven''t, and she has since retired and I still get a bill every month from this firm in California. It really worries me. I don''t know what to do.


Thank you for your question.

You may consider writing the firm a letter explaining what your family law attorney told you about the bill. You may also indicate why you were not happy with their services, how you think you were overcharged, and any other relevant communication you have had with their firm regarding the bill. You may explain that you are considering reporting the matter to the State Bar in hopes that they will be able to help you navigate through this issue.

If this provokes no response from the law firm, you should report the issue to the State Bar at 1-800-843-9053.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this subject matter, or require clarification. Otherwise, please hit "ACCEPT", so I may receive credit for my response.

Good Luck!


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