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I was unlawfully evicted,locked out (no eviction ...

Customer Question

I was unlawfully evicted,locked out (no eviction notice, no pay or quit) by my roommates while I was in a detox center for alcoholism for a time period of 8 days. During that time of trying to get my life together, one or both of my roomates invaded my privacy,entered my room threw my stuff in garbage bags and piled it in the garage. I was missing several thousand dollars of personal items including a 42 inch flat screen plasma TV and dvd player, a 300 dollar wrist watch,a digital camera and a number of other items. My vehicle was also stolen and used during this time in detox (by one of my roomates) I was eventually able to get it back, but not with out some relativly minor damage. Because of this I was forced to obtain residency in a Homeless Shelter, lost my job and suffered through a substantial amount of anxiety,depression and obviously anger. I am now forced to take muti. meds as a result. what is my legal recourse ?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  Guru_Guy replied 9 years ago.
Hello, and sorry to hear about your situation.

The trespass on your private property and theft of your property are both civil and criminal matters. You certainly have the right to to sue those responsible for any damaged or missing items. In addition, you could file a police report alleging criminal theft of personal property.

If you care more about getting the stuff back, the threat of criminal prosecution often motivates people to return the goods. If not, you can file a claim against them in small claims court.

I hope this helps!

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