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I purchased a 1997 vehicle in 2000, in 2002 I called and ...

Resolved Question:

I purchased a 1997 vehicle in 2000, in 2002 I called and asked them to come pick the car up, because I could no longer afford to pay for it. They told me they did''nt want the car and I never heard anything else about the car until now. A collection agency sent me a judgement either to appear in court or basically acknowledge the debt. I acknowledge the debt and know they want me to pay 33 payments of 300.00 a month or have my check garnished at 420.00 a month. I can''t afford either one, will filing bankruptcy chapter 13 help me in anyway and do I have time to file before the 20th of June.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  WA Bankruptcy Lawyer replied 9 years ago.
It is impossible to tell from your question if they already have a judgment. If so, time is more limited.

Chapter 7 or 13 will stop collection of the obligation. There may be state law defenses to the obligation but I do not practice in LA and am not qualified to comment on what might or might not exist.

Filing a bankruptcy can be done between now and virtually any time in June if you get started tomorrow.
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