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should we declare bankruptcy

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we are retired and living on social security and pensions. we have been living off our credit cards for over a year and they are clse to being maxed out. We are over $100,000 in debt between the cards, automobile and RV. We have been trying to sell the RV but no luck, the car is worth $5000 less than we owe and our saving account is down to $12,00 Our checks now bounce at the end of the month and we owe more on our home than it is worth.   We tried to refinance to pay off credit cards but were turned down. I spoke to my husband about bankruptcy but he refused. I don''t know what to do! Can you help? We live in Sarasota Fl and I was hoping you could recommend a good attorney to speak to my husband or give me advice on how to avoid or declare bankruptcy.

We thought about working but he has a heart condition and is 78. I have had a stroke, had surgery so my right hand is practically useless, crohn''sdisease and other pysical problems that preclude my working,

Thank you
Is your savings at $1,200 or $12,000?

How much are your credit card debts?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to CA Lawyer's Post: savings twelve dollars
credit card debt approximately %50,000.+/-
How much do you owe on the RV? How much is it worth?

What is your income level?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
RV owed $58000
Worth approx $36,000.

Automobile owed $14,500+
worth $9,000. max

House owed $313,000.
worth $254,000. used to be $390,000. real estate market killed us.
Those numbers sound like it would be appropriate to file for bankruptcy.

If you are trying to get your husband used to the idea, you might start out by taking a credit counseling course. The credit counseling certificate is necessary for filing bankruptcy and it basically involves having a credit counselor look over your finances and debts and making a recommendation as far as repayment or bankruptcy. They would likely recommend to the husband that you file bankruptcy. Here is the number of one such credit counseling service: 1.800.984.0977.

As far as bankruptcy attorneys, I do not personally know any in that area so I wouldn't want to recommend someone I'm not personally familiar with. However, the Sarasota Bar Association's lawyer referral system can be reached at 1-800-342-8011 and they would set you up with an appointment with an attorney for a small fee.

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