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Terry L., Attorney
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i filed a chpt 13 which includes my guesthouse in florida , ...

Customer Question

i filed a chpt 13 which includes my guesthouse in florida , filed may 12. now i must make a payment to keep the guesthouse from foreclosure ? no court date has been set yet. can i pay a reduced ''lien stripped'' payment until the chpt 13 is done. some websites say i must start payments after filing, to keep foreclosure at bay until the chpt 13 is done. my goal is to keep the guesthouse business in florida. i live /work in minnesota. the bank has initiated foreclosure, but has no hearing date yet. about 20k is due in late payments. value is now about 100k half of the 200k purchase price.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Bankruptcy Law
Expert:  CA Lawyer replied 9 years ago.
How much is owed on the loan for the guest house (both past due and due after filing)?

Have you filed a Chapter 13 plan yet?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to CA Lawyer's Post: yes chpt 13 was filed may 12 2008 in minnesota, my residence
guesthouse is in foreclosure 8 months in arrears
about $20k behind

due after filing may 30 , monthly $1800 now
chase has no answered any request for an exact amount, foreclosure lawyers do not answer either

so i must pay something , perhaps $1000 as house is now valued at $100k not $200k i paid

for the house to sell it would likely need to be priced under $100k. valued it at 94k

so i have 40k credit card /unsecured debt.. must my plan then propose 100% payback on cards and lienstrip to 100k the guesthouse

i must file this PLAN (modification ASAP ? ) before the hearing ?

one lawyer said i must pay credit card in full to lien strip guesthouse

chpt 13 allows lien strip only when unsecured debut is paid in full.. 7% ?

can florida court take the guesthouse for foreclosure anyway ? must i post a bond ? to protect it ?