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To whom it may concern i reside in the state of Western

Customer Question

To whom it may concern i reside in the state of Western Australia I worked at a privately owned child care center and my personal details were provided to another worker there whom I never had contact with in my duties nor did my child have contact with her as this person works in another room. I was the kitchen facilitator. I received a sms message from this woman after work hours and had concerns of how she obtained my contact details. Long story short things started to happen at work like bullying and prank calls. I was that concerned over the matter I questioned the staff who provided her my details, and managment then told me I was bullying and to get over it. I was then told to provide evidence to why my details should never been provided to her. I had to provide my past documents proving to them this woman who obained my details was a conflict of interest. This particular woman knows my daughters father I have had reports on domestic violence and VRO along with how they were connected. Which made me feel like I was going through DV all over again and having the managment know about my past made me leave work vomiting and distressed, I went to the doctors and received a doctors letter and then after the two weeks of medical notes put my notice in. now their insurers have a solictor asking me for a statement and in the mean time my details have been hacked into and I have had to get a complete new number and Im locked out of my service provider as my ex partner has done this to me before, Im not scared of him any more but when dealing with a narcissistic person Im scared of everyone around me as he has the unique knack of making me look crazy. My problem is a staff member went into the office and obtained my details and provided to a third party and now after two years of just going into work and enjoying life again my past has court up with me so I have had to move too for the safety of my children and lease my home too.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Australia Law
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I dont want to sue them I just want my two weeks pay and a review on how the day care center handles their staff and children's private details along with staff having training to ensure personal details aren't accessed easily to maintain safety of everyone. I do not blame the worker who provided my details out but I do blame management for lack of training for their staff members and their unprofessional handling of this case and making me out to be the problem and having to divulge my past is humiliating
Expert:  Leon replied 7 months ago.

My name is ***** ***** I am a NSW Solicitor. I will do my best to assist you with your question.

Expert:  Leon replied 7 months ago.

Good Morning.

You have to report the actions of the centre and also look at what the centres anti bullying policy says. It is a breach of privacy in giving out your personal details without your consent.

WA does not have its own privacy legislation but here is some information about the Cth Legislation.

What your employer is doing blaming you is bullying and intimidation by the employer and this is not allowed by the Fair Work Act and you should speak to a solicitor in WA and have a letter sent to them to back off and admit they made a mistake and stop what they are doing.

You may not want to sue but they have to be put in their place so they know they cannot do this to you and they have yo pay you.

I hope this makes sense and is of assistance. If there is nothing further

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