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I brought a car from a car dealer on the 9th June. 2006

Customer Question

I brought a car from a car dealer on the 9th June. 2006 Nissan Pathfinder for $14,000.00 with the help my mum and sister.
Day of buying the car I had to rush to bank and get to car yard, the man also said he was closing early because he wanted to attend his child's performance at school that afternoon so can be there asap.
We did arrive just after 4:15 got out of the car and he asked for my details or licence. I passed it on to him. He then walked to go do paper work. I ask can I look inside please.
He said yes. Only 5 minutes passes he then asked me to come inside to do the paperwork. I go in and we start counting the money... He then said , please sign here and here thanks. I did sign and he said great.
My boyfriend stayed outside to have a smoke, as we was went towards the car, my boyfriend ask the man what's this here mate? (Pointing at a clear bottle under the hood) Then the car man said (it's overflow bottle) my boyfriend then said.. There is o water in the radiator mate! (The man then said oh! I will go full it up... He then left to go grab a kettle ) and.said.There you go roped up" . My boyfriend looked at me with confuse look and shrugged his shoulders at me.
We left that day to drive back home.
The next day is making noise s and squeak scratching. I ask my boyfriend if he also heard the noise?
Yes we both now hear them noise. I call the car man and he said sorry "no warranty" (I feel hurt and my HEART sinks to my stomach). I said what what!! No warranty . He said yep no.wanting but you only had it for one day so bring the car in and I will check it out ... We make in aging before closing time... But this.time he.said well I can have my mechanic look at it but you have to bring it back in the morning.
I go back the next day and he takes it for a*****around and said the car is fine. Also he ask me what type of car I had owns previously I told him I'm only own cheap small family cars.
He's been asking me to pull up Lift the hood and he can have a look to see where the noises were coming from when he looked under the bonnet he asked me to hop out and have a listen with him as we look we can't see anything or hear anything while the car is still on then we are he insisted we have brought a good car for a good price bought and don't a worry.... he will have his mechanic the following Friday take a look at it. I then agree with him.
But the car was still squeaky and he takes something off the hood. Says here is the noise... All good. I then left , that afternoon the.noise was still There, so I call back and he thinks that I am thinking about it too much and also that the car has no warranty... I am annoyed but can not do anything.
The next day the.noise is still There and. My boyfriend said I have been ripped off. I ignore my boyfriend.
Then In my mind I think I was... but felt as though I can't do anything because I have no warranty.
The next day we left and then we was driving home.. I swapped with my boyfriend after a few klms and then he said the car is on high? We have to pull up, the car is on high temperature I said what what!! He then.pulled up on the side of the road. There was no warning lights to notify us that the car was HOT or having problems ... We then called help tryna to.put water and coolant in but nothing was happening the car was thirsty then... 3 hour's of letting the car
We decide to drive to the closest service station.. While driving I did record the gadge moving up to high but also, the no show us the car was overheating.
The man now is.saying I had NO warranty and.I.drove the car so there is.nothing.that he can do.
It got.towed back to the car yard where I.brought it. That day.
He rang yesterday to tell me that I blown the car and there is. He can do.
I am lost and.stressed. I rang him and said I am seeking legal action.
Can you help me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He also has said the flow of something to flow properly isnt working and we blew the engine beacuse we drove the car for to long when it was HOT.
We brought the car when(###) ###-####lms we drove about 720klms over the for days.
Expert:  Leon replied 1 year ago.

Can you please tell me what country and state you are in?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Australia . Northern Territory
Expert:  Leon replied 1 year ago.

Good Morning

Our apologies for the delay you had stated the question was for a US lawyer and it was passed between the 2 areas.

Did the dealer give you anything to say that it was in good mechanical order?

Because of the number of Kilometres you are not entitled to a statutory warranty and this should have also been explained to you.

Did you have a mechanic look at the car before you bought? If not have you had it looked at now and do you have a detailed report?