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My father contributed $30,000 (27%) towards the purchase

Customer Question

Hi, my father contributed $30,000 (27%) towards the purchase price of my sister's (husband & kids) 3 bedroom house with a partial flat underneath in 1982. He contributed this money so he had the flat to live in (ie he bought his flat). Unfortunately his name was not on the title. His $30,000 came from the sale of his home in 1982 for $39000 (that house was the house we grew up in). The flat underwent a basic reno so he could live independently, on occasions he did need assistance re health issues. My father was on a pension so he did not contribute money towards rates, electricity etc. My father died in 2003, his will stated his assets were to be split equally between my sister and myself. At the time l said to my sister that in the future l would expect to receive some money from my fathers assests, ie his flat. My sister recently decided to sell the house. l said to her l would expect to receive my share of my fathers assets, less my share of any costs she incurred on behalf of my father, from the sale price $1,550,000 . She offered me $50,000. I said this was not enough as I estimate his 27% of the house value in 2003 was $177,450 less $48,000 for renovations, & household expenses which left $129,450 = $64,725 as my share . l also said had l been paid the $64,725 in 2003 to put in a term deposit it would be worth approx. $124,000 today. l also pointed out that since 2004 my fathers flat has been rented earning approx. $200,000 over the past 14 years, with all of this money going to my sister. l said either l should be paid some interest on my share or l should have received a share of the rent money. My sister now states 'as our father lived with them, that she provided more assistance to him than me, and he did not contribute to the rates etc,. that the money he contributed to the purchase of the house was repaid to him 'in kind' and he had no assets at the time of his death. What does 'in kind' mean? Does this mean that l am not entitled to any share of the value of my fathers flat? l would appreciate you giving me some advice on this situation, thanking you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
Hello Sadly you are well out of time to make a claim. The legal centre is correct sadly. I hate to say it, but there is no claim to be made here. Please click accept and rate my service. I am able to answer further questions after doing so at no further cost.
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
HelloI have not heard a response from you?I wish to assist. Please click accept and rate my service. I can answer further questions after doing so at no further cost.​I look forward to hearing from you.