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Please can you tell me is there anyway I can get my divorce

Customer Question

Please can you tell me is there anyway I can get my divorce papers put though quickly ,my x husband is very violent he has broken several dvo it took me 7 months just to get him to sign divorce papers I have had very little money and have only got the money now to file the divorce papers . My boyfriend is American he is a good man and treats me very good we want to put in for me to get a k1 visa but we can't until I am legally divorced . If I have to wait the 4 months for the Australian divorced this is going to put more strain and hardship on our relationship. Please is there anyway to get it put though faster
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Patrick H. replied 1 year ago.
Whilst it is possible to ask the court for an urgent application, such applications are usually only granted where you can show the need for such an order is extremely urgent, such as where there are children at risk or a party is facing homelessness if orders are not dealt with promptly. It is unlikely to be granted for a divorce itself since granting the divorce will not of itself change your living arrangements or financial circumstances nor protect you from domestic violence. So for this reason I do not believe it likely the court would grant you a divorce on an urgent basis.What I would suggest you do is go to the police if your current husband is in breach of a DVO, and try to avoid contact with him in the meantime by staying with relatives or friends whilst waiting for the divorce to go through. Of course you can apply for an urgent divorce and if there are not too many current urgent applications it might be possible that the court will prioritise yours, but it is certainly not a certainty.If you wish to have your divorce processed urgently, you will need to contact the court registry and lodge an application to hear your matter urgently.I appreciate this is not the straight forward answer you were likley hoping for, but I trust it assists your understanding. Good luck and please rate my answer.Patrick.