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My name is***** issue is regarding a telstra

Customer Question

Hi ***** ***** my name is***** issue is regarding a telstra bill that has been in dispute for over 24ths. The reason for this is that I had limited authority on the account from my husband, the mobile handset that I had at the time was faulty, i was advised to return it to the shop. When I did this the guy said that I didnt have the authority to but said "I will just change it now but I will get in lot of trouble if they find out". I didn't think anymore of it. Then telstra kept calling to offer recontract services. I kept saying that I didnt have the authority so they need to call my husband but they would respond with "No its ok we have called him and he doesn't answer so we will agree to the changes with you.
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: In November 2013, December 2013 and January feb march april 2014 called them to ask why we hadn't seen a mobile bill and they again said they will send by email and post. The bills never arrived and i was told that the account wasnt in arrears. No idea how. They then said they would combine services on one account which i said too as i needed the mobiles separate. They were going to email and post bills everytime. By june 2014 I was demanding a bill and all f a sudden we got bill for 2000 for all services and disconnection notice. I paid 1300 of the bill with agreement that they would reconnect the mobiles that day. I called after I had paid it at post office 30mims earlier. I was told then that couldnt reconnect the mobiles as the contracts were already cancelled the day before. Now i have recieved baycorp sms saying the account has been referred to them. And is now 4500 as the early contract costs added to account. It has been in dispute all this time and complaints a telstra wont send us the account notes even after a request via FOI. what can we do
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Patrick H. replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thank you for your question.It does appear you have been mistreated and possibly overcharged for contractual arrangements you didn't ask for.You should lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman as they can review your situation in detail, and if appropriate, order Telstra to address your various issues and/or refund you or reduce the fees they are charging. omudsman unfortunately deals with many complaints of this sort with telco companies and generally has the powers to address such complaints in a cost effective way (the service is essentially free). Indeed, in some cases it is possible the service provider will address the problems themselves once the matter is before the ombudsman.Good luck and please rate my answer.Patrick