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I am a Registered Nurse in Aged Care. Today I have received

Customer Question

I am a Registered Nurse in Aged Care. Today I have received a letter returning me to attend investigating a complaint regarding a resident by the family regarding their mother who had been in respite care. She had a fall on admission. Had been walking around for two weeks with no apparant fracture of leg. Developed pain on weekend prior to discharge. I was not on duty on the weekend a Locum GP was called in to see resident you EN on duty. Monday morning when I came on duty I did not examine resident. Spoke with daughter who said she was not happy with Locum doctor & would report him.
As she was taking mum home who was sitting in chair in foyer I suggested she take mum to see her GP or if concerned take mum to closest hospital. ( I did not document this conversation in this residents progress notes)
I have been asked to come to a investigatory meeting on Monday and can be accompanied by a support person.
There is more info. In my letter.
What is my legal rights?
Is there a legal person I can contact & meet up with & discuss this letter & issue. & take to meeting?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Patrick H. replied 1 year ago.

If you would like a lawyer to attend the meeting then that is beyond the services we can provide through Just Answer and you would need to engage a lawyer directly.

That said, it is not clear that there is any substantial allegation against you, given the person concerned fell whilst you were not on duty and on the face of it you have behaved reasonably.

I would suggest you simply attend with someone you trust and provided you can address any questions with a reasonable answer there would seem to be little need for a lawyer to attend. It is only if it becomes clear that the questions are directed at some allegation made against you, and to which you have no clear cut answer, that it would seem necessary for you to consider engaging a lawyer. If that situation arises, then be ready to terminate the meeting on the basis you feel you are being accused and will need to seek legal advice. They may press you to make some concession admission, but just firmly state that you will be happy to resume the meeting once you have had an opportunity to seek legal advice.

I trust the above assists.