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I work large multi national mining company. I have been in

Customer Question

I work for a large multi national mining company.
I have been in the job as Maintenance Planner for nearly 6 years and have always been praised with my work ethics and efforts. My current Manager who has been here just over a year has made my life hell because he doesn't like me. He has pushed me aside, he doesn't include me in meetings and he constantly looks for fault in what I do, classic Workplace bullying! My biggest concern is that he has told our SSE and other in the senior management team that my dealing with one of the contractors has been "questionable and underhanded" as a result the contractor has lost nearly all their work at site and has subsequently laid off a substantial number of employees.
No such actions have ever taken place, I am impeachable in this regard.
I have been put in a position where I cannot even receive quotations for work on the site.
While the matter was within the company bounds it annoyed me but I was able to soldier on, I now hear that the malicious rumor has spread to other companies and peers.
This is unacceptable and I want to take action against my Manager.
What is my best course of action?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

two options

1. Take a harassment claim out on the company / workplace bullying

2. If you resign constructive unlawful dismissal - meaning they pushed you to leave.

As you have not left, the best claim at this point is a simple workplace bullying claim:

Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

Fairwork Australia is the appropriate forum to deal with such matters in both options.

Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

they will make the judgement call in your favour I suspect, based on what info you given.

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Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

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