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My brother died from suspected overdose December 2013 while

Customer Question

My brother died from suspected overdose December 2013 while at his ex partners home who is a psychiatric nurse with Queensland health. She is on different types of medication and these were found in his system. I have the coroners report and it shows he was unconscious for 8 minutes before the ambulance was called. In this time all his personal belongings were eliminated from the scene by her. They have never been returned. My brother had a history of drug addiction but was booked in to go to rehab that week. This nurse is claiming they had a fight and she left him to return to him not breathing. My brother told me that she used her position within the hospital to get hospital grade methadone and script pads to keep his addiction fed. On many occasions he told me she used narcaine from the hospital which she kept at her house to bring him back incase of an overdose. She used her power within the hospital to keep my brother in her clutches. I am also an addict in recovery and understand the power she had over him. Nothing will bring him back, but an investigation into his death is imperative. His organs and general health for his age was unremarkable on his death certificate, so this indicates to me foul play was at hand by this woman. She has since contacted me on facebook asking for "something" in return for the information regarding that day. My mother now has cancer and grief and this is something that we all need as a family to bring my brothers' killer to justice. Thankyou
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

What a horrible situation, sympathy to you and family.
In respect of the matter, all you really can do is go to the coroner with the evidence of the facebook message and see if they will look into it for you.
I find it concerning to say the least that she is contacting you at all. I suspect mental health issues on her part.
Apart from the coroner report, and or speaking with the police, these are the only real options.
I suspect that they will have significant issue with the message and look into it.

Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.

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