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Experience:  I have 15 years legal experience behind me and I graduated from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours in Arts/Law.
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I am writing and very sorry about a possible law case which

Customer Question

I am writing and very sorry about a possible law case which I have not yet found a lawyer for. I have been hurt as well and possibly the other nation, terribly. My pension and money coordination skill at present lets me share just a small amount per year
to the SOS children's orphanage of that nation. I am trying to resolve all of this. Knowledge of the use of a nuclear weopan against a peaceful Nation is not easy if it is true. It is not easy if it is accidental. It is not easy if I am a puppet in an espionage
game and I unwillingly pressed a button. I have been staying at my work location and the DVDs of India implementating a strategy for building many new hospitals have been shown. A Visitor from India told the story of the tests that occurred. I did not have
a tape player although I am sure he did not say unoccupied land was involved. I hope that efforts were and are in place so that it is all repaired. Now, I am out of my home state of Victoria in Australia, I have lived from a backpack or in a family size tent
most of the last ten years, I suffer as well severe persecution from other peers and my health has suffered. As I do not hold myself responsible for a large, bad, event, that means those whom may be responsible are threatening and or hindering me each day
as well as hindering justice and progress. I have written some pages of all the events I see as relevant up to the day that the weopan may have gone off and how things have became as well. I just do not know where to hand them in. I have implicated the police,
medics, pensioners, ex Officers and even offices of law for non intervention. That makes my government not too easy to work with. I wonder what to do? Sent from my iPad
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am writing for a clean understanding of not just my rights but my rights to my actions to come up with the answers to my rights once I know my rights.
In 1991, I stepped on some nails. I was doing voluntary work. A monk was in charge. He is also an author called Khantipalo. I was working under his groundsman. The groundsman had not seen to me having appropriate footwear. We were in a remote location. I thought I could do what I could do although my feet became injured. Unfortunately nothing about tending my feet occurred, even so I was told DDT was at the site, where the nails had penetrated my feet. The groundsman took me to the library to look at the word, gestation. The monk suggested reading matter to me, Why I will not kill a human being by Christian Humphries and Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell. That year I decided not to stay and live them but return home and study other career paths. This is a copy of their compensation provider type, below.
Then the following year a problem occurred. I was in a fever and it may have been my diet or my surrounds. I tried to sit at the beach but I think a snake bit me on top of my problem of feeling ill, already. I found a police car that I thought could get me to a hospital. But the police told me I may have radioactive snuff in my sinuses(tobacco) from a party. Further questioning occurred at the hospital after I let a psyche use hypnotism. I seem to have awoken with questions about how I was thinking about the arms race and then I pulled my shirt off after he asked to see if I was over sensitive in the chest area. I had brought up the subject of my chest first.
Then I was locked in a cell. I believe to have fainted. At some time I believe that I may have used resuscitation and anti venom.
But I want access to a lawyer for a medical negligence and medical fraud conviction to occur against Australian public hospitals and all staff involved in prescription of drugs that cause heart attacks and that necessitate in the appropriation of the drug takers organs and body tissue, (organ theft, organ harvest).
It becomes political and to do with international human rights bodies. I need assistance to find the appropriate law handlers when dealing with a nation that may be in the neglect and fraud charge that results in not just my own harm but the deaths of millions.
This is because I was unduly drugged against my will and it is to do with the effect of those drugs in 1997.
I have writ to the American Defence department today warning them of those drugs effects and to destroy them and stop there manufacture. I have also asked for compensation.
I need to keep seeking compensation and a body of lawyers whom I use my rights and have that way the finance to afford to represent me.
It is far too dangerous. I have insurance that I may afford so far (not much) for life and severe accidents but I can't yet defend myself from intruders into my body area absconding with my intestines or other internal body parts. They still find drugs that purvey my inner characteristics back to them to have notions of my internal workings. These type of drug may also cause diabetes and maninga cocyll virus to occur in other people from my area. Because I was an actor for a music clip and it was about a long survival walk along a river and back in the very cold, I fear the original spreading of swine flu also.
Your trustworthingly,
Craig xxxxxxxxxxx
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is***** would really like to know if a certain outcome was a reality and it concerns those bomb test incidents in India around 1997.
I much enjoyed working for the Aim toothpaste commercial, when I was nine or ten years old, owned by Pental from India.
I am an Australian whom lived and worked and studied Yoga at Rocklyn, Victoria, the time of the bomb tests. An Indian visitor came to the Ashram and talked to me. I had these theory.
I was possibly shot dead and recovered sometime after the aim toothpaste add was created.
I was hyper oxygenated in the areas that I needed to recover. I wounded the back of my head and brain before attending the Ashram. I worked under Khantipalo at Wat Budha Dhamma, NSW, Australia and have filled some work to do with compensation from pierced feet with the DDT chemical known to be at the site. Around the time India had bomb tests I had wired a fence using electricity, between the dam, the garden water tower and near the garden and it was to keep geese off the crop.
Later, I read about dispersion nuclear bomb sciences on the Internet. So I am asking if bombs occurred in India, was it planned and done by Indian scientists and defence staff or was it a leak from the farm where I worked, is it yet known and if it is the later, may a plausible compensation settlement about the event be asked for?
May further study to it bring an honest light.
I am willing to put forward all my understanding from the time I worked if asked and necessity has called for in all fairness.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good luck, lawyer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If the fund to answer this question is unavailable or if the subscription, monthly service is not still running with this last activation, I may still send the funds to view the answer in just six days from now, I just ask this patience.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Under which matters I understand that I must wait six days to see the answer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Australia has a Freedom of Information act.Dear Sir/Madam I am seeking documents under the freedom of information Act 1982. I wish to know about or have a relevant copy of any documents that state my (Craig A Bowman), part in the operation of a nuclear dissemination device in 1997. This may include that I had previously, in 1991 been held in a room and tested, with the use of hypnosis, on the subject of nuclear weapons. During this session I have sought motivation from myself to return my AIRTC Identity booklet, that was left in my room still on my last day of attendance, as a Cadet.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I just finished watching the new Star Trek Film and the Big Bang Theory season 7.
The arc flash I enquired was a small discharge that travelled through certain minerals in the earths crust surprisingly quickly and that if this existed that I had not disconnected the leak properly and a pulse of energy becomes too short and turns in on its self? Thats because a visitor had talked to me about nuclear tests and I think he said it may had been populated area? That we had, at the farm watched about India building lots more hospitals, on tv. That I heard about it on the radio, but just once of 20 mil deaths. It had worried me to keep the geese from the Lupins whom Syria had names for such as Gopal. That I was asked when arriving of what ideas I had for the farm and had suggested another field of potatoes, that this may have gave slip. That some rumors are of myself surviving a plane fall from the area. This had perhaps gave me some thump knowledge. That a Swartznegger film had appeared after I arrived home from the north, I had suffered a bout in hospital from a cobra and an interview may had tried to expose a friend showing me "Romulan" technology. I am about to give some money to an SOS orphanage in India. I was seeking a medical negligence case because the hospital interview had used hypnosis and I awoke half way through it and just remembered about it afterwards. I was drugged with organ theft preparation drugs at work and my head was not held as high, I had a fracture behind my skull, my footprints were pillow like. The drugs usually caused severe heart problems but work at the farm, carried through any shapes of these thoughts through work. I had arrived there for a weekend away from college, some years ago and I asked them about meditation and my ears having tinnitus, my Step Father Phillip Grinter whom had lit a fire in the seventies and replaced me at the scene, is now on the run, but he had hit me with a slap and made an ear ring permanently. It turned out that the water heaters had pumps that piped warm water under the ground and this was the noise, on that occasion, it was sort of good to go back seven or eight years later and just find this out. I guess Atma, Gutuam or Kriya were responsible for the signs. One Swami was already named Boomi. Kriya used to work for Telecom. Gutaum reminded me of a teacher from SAS cadets, before police had shot me in the head when I was ten or eleven and I jumped off a plane, but this part of the story may be a different life. If I could recover to be as good as that was a nice thought. These were like orange people though, with a theme for peace. Then again whom does not like a fighting Shaolin Monk. It seems India's heritage may be prone to induce a type of on and off bomb configured of an electrical charge around jealousness concepts, I am very sad for if in this case this is what has happened.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here is an example of financial hardship from my viewpoint. My current income is $825 a pension as I am injured. I have another $100 assistance as well. Insurance is $225.05, rent is $312 and my iPad and phone bills and charity add up as well. That leaves food and living expenses at a somewhat remote campsite at the beach with a bicycle.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
A brief note. Au dollars mentioned are a budget for a fortnight, ie, $412.50 per week pension and $50 assistance $112.53 insurance per week and etc.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
A previous letter to a requisition officer of your defence force.Dear America, I like the Apple computer company. I also have a Giant bicycle.
Please stop your pharmaceaupetical company's from exporting to Australia any drugs or products that are made in a way to be put to use in organ theft.
Because terrible things may have happened. The key hole surgery components from these drugs may combine with germs in the ground and cause nuclear weapons to form.
Because I was scared of dying quickly from a snake bite I chose the first vehicle I saw, a police car for help. When I managed eventually to get a ride to hospital with them, they told me my tobacco snuff from a few weeks ago may had been sourced from near a nuclear meltdown site in Europe. When I survived the night in one hospital, I could not leave but was taken still by police to another hospital. The security guard at this ward looked like a grandfather. Maybe because a friend had misinformed me scientific secrets a psyche asked me questions. I was put into a cell for refusing drugs. I think I lost consciousness, I had yet to have much water or food. I knew I bruised my backside and I was also cold.
Then I was forced heart-attack causing drugs. Twenty years down the track my body has been rapped of tissue and organs and intestines. But one year I faced again the memory's of the hypnotist from the second hospital that police had taken me to. It was after an Indian man had told me that India did nuclear tests on a populated area. The hypnotist had told me I would be alright, it had been when I had left his room that I was mis treated. That I remembered about that sitting was because the way I performed my duties at work before the Indian man had told me about the nuclear tests. Because I was drugged at work and I may have set up some electrics, wrongly.
I am trying to give money to the SOS orphanage in India each fortnight although sometimes I miss and pay another charity. I have a pension having damaged my skull on three occasions. It is not too much money. To gain access to a proper medical negligence lawyer and a court room may be a valuable way of accessing a claim on better money for my expenses that I have encountered.
Of course I also wish all the best compensation measures to India especially if the bomb was a medical negligence/fraud event that hurt a population of people instead of a military test on vacant land.
Suspected nature of accident: electric fence.
Unfair play: science information, DDT in the feet which was undiagnosed, a hypnotist using international concern topics and heart attack causing drugs that prepare for organ theft.
Diagnosis: to stop organ theft prepatory drugs of any sort being manufactured and distributed, to destroy any existing drugs that may fit the organ theft and prepatory nature.
To aid and assist all hospitals to do with the repair from the event in India and to compensate India against loss to do with a blast, had it occurred.
So as to take responsibility for what as happened as a result of mechanisms from the drugs.
To compensate myself for the ill health that has been a result of the drugs and please include a full letter of apology that may be used to guard my safety.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
An example question written to SEED, science questions answered for free for iPad.Question: If A had a drug in them from a work place accident and b,c,d,e,f,g and h have decided to gang up and take A s organs and transplant them in themselves, A has a lot of work to survive.
A has written to the Human Rights Authority's.
A has provided a feel of good community input by volunteer work.
A has informed the workplace government office with a lengthy letter of explanation of the accident.
One of A s bosses had taken A to the library after the accident to look up gestation.
But in five months A had became sick and wants to sue the hospital for negligence because b,c,d,e,f,g and h had decided to commence all the medical effort towards taking A s organs.
A bought extra life insurance and accident insurance and left town but the other letters eventually followed.
A s information may surely be best in the rightful hands of law but A doesn't know what to do.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Although after crushing the back of my skull I achieved eighty weeks of volunteer work and duties around Victoria's outdoors, for the environment, on many occasions sharing duties and work with the Calafornian Conservation corps. It was not this work when an accident of the above nature occurred although the work I talk was seasoned into my regime for knowledge and growth and health reasons. I may have mentioned that unfair play presided in the hospitals and even upon attendance the back of my skull was not seen to in any understandably helpful manner.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
A step father bit a nick from my ear after I was so tired of his tempers that I kissed his cheek. It was then that he became violent, he has thrown my overdue to be returned cadet shoes in the bin and rubbed his hands together over the kettle. When I returned to his house I had thought a screw driver had wrenched around my bell button at night, a bruise appeared there and the neighbours had a long aluminium pole with a net sitting in their deep sea diving practice pool, I could not also smell things through the carpet deodorant or see properly at night as the house had no lamp shades or light bulb covers. I grew a terrible fever and sort further hospitalising, but the whole system was corrupted and any nice service to do with an arcing heat cooking through my brain into a temperature to do with DDT insecticide in my feet was not really found.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I later attended a friends place and we played the film of, Total Recall, with Arnold Swartnegger.
It was a shame that I did not know the consequence of re living my own experience in North QLD, this way.
The finding of air for the Martian planet seems a theme, here as well. Also Quaid realestate actually exists in Port Douglas and not just the film. Arnold Swartnegger may be my first male friend at Performing Arts school, Ballarat, 1989. He had been in a car accident and he was also studying speech pathology. We ran up and down the apartment staircase and around lake Wendouree for fitness before the nights of taking beverages commenced.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Waigya, a female Swami, has writ in my Yoga book the year before. It reads-to live, to learn, to know, to love, to grow.
Where one element of the handwriting actually has a grounded letter.
Present at this live in premise was one American millionaire, ***** *****. I have lost his business card except it reads, Greenleaf Steel and Dye, corporation.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The name of my mothers husband taken after divorcing my Father, ***** ***** Bowman is Phillip Grinter. His previous occupation has been an office clerk or purchasing officer at a spring factory.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am the soft footstepper.
It is a shame.
I hope to file a law suit.
A medical fraud and negligence suit.
For hardship and situations way beyond the articles of even the Geneva Protocol of Prisoners of War.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have just had a chair removed from under me at a party. I have decided before this not to complete another year of my final high school year. I thought that my head will hit carpet before the window I went toppling down. I missed going through the window and instead I found with the back of my head the sharp angle of wood of the window ceil. I had been clowning on my chair jump up and down on it, I did not expect someone to remove the chair altogether from under me.
At home I tried to recover, I rarely rode my bike, I frequented a cafe, though. I continued to play squash to keep myself in motivation skill such as an advertisement for the healing of spinal injuries has suggested on TV.
However my Grandmother has driven me to town for some shopping. In a shop called Apricot Treasures, we purchased a German Teleprinter from the forties and fifties. It was a Siemens brand, it was reasembled in Australia in the earlie fifties. The heavy grey baker-light model with a punched tape mechanism on one side and a light inside of it and little dots of paper flying around the room and landing on the carpet.
I put it on a desk and heard it hum. I type this is a test and a press one of the buttons to send and see if someone is receiving, I did get something. However, when I looked at my own typing I have made a mis-type it read, this is a H test. Now I may know to call a TV ham radio man straight away but I did not know at that time of any thing else in the future.
When I did take the thing to the Computer specialist, Colin Lowne to ask for a repair to the letter J, my bicycle had already numbed the jammed key free and so we had found this and I carried straight back on my racing bike again, which had a bicycle rack on it and strongly holding ropes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was purchased in 1993 and inspected again briefly by Colin some years later.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hence I wrote to Chanciller Merkl of its design or propagation to let her know of any action of recall of the devices and responsibility that may exist.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sparks may have came from a home with mirrors and a swimming pool and a balcony with drapes on the first level, I had not found a snake bite from nearly stepping on a snake although I did not know enough about them. I found myself warning attackers away from, I was at the beach, some off duty nurses, friends of friends had let me read there collection of CLEO magazines, the one I remember had a lot of photos of apes. I had sensed the snake crossing my path very early. I felt now Apelike or tribal with very acute senses to stop for that snake crossing my track. However, later at night I felt approached and saw laser dots in front of me as like a precursor to a snipper shot. I danced like in the shallow water to avoid these dots of brightness. I remembered the first Monolith from the film of 2001, actually an Uncle looks like one of the film characters. To void any further attacks or actions against myself while I was losing oxygen from a strangled heart, I believe, Actecholine inhibited by snake venom, I have clapped my palms to my temples but not so as to kill myself but to counter conclude any physical argument that existed as I tried to just sit still and think, on the beach that night.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The next day I was further taken in a police car, I do not think I had hand cuffs though, I as well had a big black baton just sitting in the otherwise empty back seat with me while two police drove along the dangerous cliff side to Cairns from Mossman. I was then locked up and I believe I fell unconscious from exhaustion and venom in a locked empty cold cell with no water or furniture. And my fears were if I did this would surveillance see me in time to revive me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Of course I could touch the lever with a finger and we would not go flying off the cliff as it was in fact a police men's black batton and with all that was going on it was not interesting to me or the police.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
you see, that if with all this death, protective services, may well work with me, with funds gained from a law suit and I may also recover. My body is not that good at being ransacked and flavoured for ransacking and my education does not seem that of an extremist that any of the above ordeal has taken place. Therefore I seek for damages.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This device, almost exactly, I purchased from the Kowloon computer plaza, Hong Kong in 1984.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My very own semen has left a burn mark just below my wrist from its ph content as I was sitting on my desk chair in front of my computer, having time off study. It confused me. It may have been the birth of a nuclear disposal technique as I may later disassociate the confusion of this puberty circumstance. I am still quite sorry. It is a shame that no one had detected it, I should say.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That would be @1984.The material provided by me should remain intellectual property of mine in regards ***** ***** ability to later copyright its contents. Craig A Bowman, 2015.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This last thought short story goes like this. I have broken a classmates arm by accident. It is grade prep, 1976. His name is***** I did not want to teach anything although class was about to start and instead of letting me sit down he grabbed my arm and demanded I show him how to free myself because I have attended a Karate class.
We moved suburbs to an Ocean town when I found myself in grade two. My neighbour from the back fence knew me. I cannot be sure but perhaps a dioxin problem comic book came from him, I have no real memory of it though, except his name, Nicholas Reid. I did not know the proper age of consent, I thought this new school was quite mature though, I also had a large red hard cover book about sex that had been going around the juniors at my school. So I asked my social service partner Kym Peppyat to be my girlfriend. I had my own playhouse caravan in the backyard. Remember we are around the same age. I wondered about having her around and all the sudden I think my neighbour started fighting. At school there may have been a fight. Something may have ruined my mind and decreased my schooling quality. Perhaps my Nanna quickly trained me back to form, I had at least one year when my class was full of droning talk when I did not input a lot.
So my neighbour Nick moved to an area seven kms away in the country on a larger property. We finally became to spend time together and I was asked to his church camps. I really enjoyed them. We played in the same tennis team when my coaching had caught me up.
I could stay at his family home overnight. Then he started a game. We got out of bed at 12 or 1 am and we had cinnamon toast and sugared tea. We filled his parents car with petrol from there personal hand pump bowser and we wheeled it past his parents bedroom. He then drove around the bush back roads in a big circle and then we wheeled it back into the garage and went to bed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He was a general in the army cadets he never personally shared this to me. I was an LAC in Air cadets.
I had been asked by his father to build an electronics kit with him in the garage with the components and a preprinted circuit board and a solder iron and the instructions for an electronic dice kit. This computes to me as a problem at this point. I used to have blood noses in hot weather and a gp who's surgery was too busy took me to the Anglican Church and dipped a sharp object coated in a chemical and burnt what was like a micro gland from just one nostril. In retrospect I have not liked it, it interfered with balance and my ability to sense my proper temperature.
Also we could go to Nicks neighbours, a ballet girls place and swim in her solar heated pool and bounce on her trampoline. I like her a lot and Nick whom was in charge of the activity while I visit him has motioned that we should use there pool while they were not home.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had to flee one state. I have mentioned my budget and that I have mainly camped for so long. I need better funds as a result of claiming about the injustice asserted against me.
Two years at a Gagadgu comoflage clad bush camp for Canoe wilderness tourists and outdoorists seemed a semi remedial set up but things may go wrong and did including the office clerk there being on a phone in front of me and loudly asking a public hospital if I had a court order against me. The answer is no. Further of the answer is that a solicitor may have to handle a negligence case from me and be the prosecutor on a charge. I have been taught as well that Royal hospital may have a rank in doing what is right however these others, my location is/was not necessary. This why my Medibank level is onto Ultra at $244 per fortnight. I can not afford any more type of public query to what occurred and of black market until great reform is done right across the board of that public hospital organisation.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is there an item available such as an electronic device that is worn that alerts if organs body matter etc has been taken?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
more about Miliatary lawContinued from my last contact.I may have been solicitated in a broader contact that what is meant, to return my Cadet book. The film Titled, Caddy Shack and Naked Gun, let me think, as well as Total Recall.
This may be a result of a chanel of thought dealing with the broad.
1997 a nuclear dispersal device appears to be put in place bymyself, as a handyman may build a rocket ship from tools in his shed. The results are undefined, perhaps D-day has 20 million civillions unaccounted for. Please read on.
1992, I underwent hypnotism with a psychiatrist and I remember the interview. I was afraid of dying from a snake bite, I had lasted through one night already, without treatment. The hypnotist used questions to the extent of nuclear armanents. This is to my memory. Police had bought me to hospital, they were the first ones I thought of talking to more urgently, about my state of the affair to do with the snake upon which I nearly tread. The police as well thought that I may have radioactive sinuses. Tobacco snuff from near a melt down site. A friend had let on a nuclear technique by the proportionate style of a mime. He threw dice to the floor, repeatively, it was a hard floor, they bounced highly. My Adam's apple had curiosity, he was going to be a scientist, did the knowledge of building a bomb make me smart in just all ways?
I wanted the return of my official cadet book, I wanted to drink less alcohol and have more hobbies, to continue my education. I wanted to pay back an Indian Yoga association the $500, that I owed, I told the psychiatrist all of this. He said I would be fine. I trusted him. I left his interview room and I was thrown in an empty cold hospital cell/room without water for not wanting to partake in drugs. Here I was afraid to lose consciousness without enough survailence to have me tended to and resusciatted in time. I know that I fell and bruised myself. I saw the bruise after I was let out. Follow up included drugs that caused heart attacks. As a result I had lost organs and parts of myself to thieves.
That I worked under an officer from World War Two had not been talked about, I had stepped on nails contaminated with DDT. I raised the amount of vitamin C I take. I have broken my skull, three times already. I
I returned the Cadet book in around 1999. I was a Cadet in around 1983 or latter.
I contribute the nuclear dispersal weapan, has it existed, to being used as a puppet as espionage or an accident of negligence.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As I had thought to show the prices of the insurances I have, I thought I will put the,updated, table here.
Expert:  kmslaw replied 2 years ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am going to help you with your inquiry today.

I think it would be very beneficial to talk via phone as you have indicated. I think that there are a lot of issues to deal with here and it will not be able to be done without speaking to me directly.

I will send you a telephone call request to accept. Please accept it and provide your telephone number and I will call you.