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In 2002 I told the Australian Government some things they

Customer Question

In 2002 I told the Australian Government some things they needed to know and I didn't i.e. that my computer had been set up as a conduit by Islamists through a government tax program purchased from the USA. This might have embarrassed not only the Australian government but also their intelligence allies. ASIO under Cabinet direction took over, joining the Islamists through my computer but without acknowledgement or consent in operations that were as much against me as against terrorism and I think that I am an "identified person" under Section 27C of Australia's ASIO Act which I believe is unconstitutional. I live in Toowoomba but can sometimes get to Brisbane. I am 79 and have the care of my severely stroke disabled husband. The intensive surveillance and cyber terrorism were compounded by an attempted political assassination on 06082012 by interference with my car's computer. The perpetrator is a former Islamist traitor to Australia turned double agent and "protected informant"" (shades of ***** *****). Stella Riminggton former head of MI5 was brought to Australia within a week of the attempt as she said "to teach government departments how to archive files" since when my freedom of Information request showed false information, some 2002and 2003 public statements by the then Prime Minister have been removed from his public transcripts on the internet and some documents including my 2012 diary have disappeared from my house. I approached the Australian Federal Court in Brisbane three weeks ago. The Australian Prime Minister and Attorney-General were unusually in Brisbane last Sunday 16 August and the Federal Court has returned all my papers without filing them. If you get this it's because I have just scanned the computer with a new tool. If you can get an Australian human rights lawyer interested, please have him/her contact me on Australia 07(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  kmslaw replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am going to try and help you with your inquiry today.

It is not the policy of JustAnswer to refer customers to particular lawyers, so unfortunately we cannot help you with your human rights lawyer request.

However, you can contact the Law Society in Queensland and ask them to refer you to a human right lawyer. Their contact number is ***** 367 757 and you can use their online referral system (which is linked here) to find the lawyer you seek:

Be sure to ask about pro bono assistance, which is free or reduced fee advice if that's applicable to your circumstances. You may also be entitled to Legal Aid. This is not advice to you on your ability to access Legal Aid, you will need to seek specialist advice.

I hope that has helped you with your inquiry today.