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I was with a man who violently attacked me. ifled without my

Customer Question

I was with a man who violently attacked me. ifled without my belongings. After contact with the police iI got most of them back after they organised a property exchange. I have my pet goat still at my ex's property. After no contact after two months ( from being terrified of him, in that time I moved house, moved my children to another school, cannot shop where he does) he contacts me saying he hoped I was OK. I got the guts to write back to him asking if I can have my goat back. He said it was OK and just to tell him who and when he will be picked up( not by me but a friend) now he has gone back on his word saying he would like to keep it, saying that I had basically dragged his name through mud and blaming me that he had lost friends. I have not spoken to a soul about him, I don't know his friends he likes to play mind games and is blaming me for my supposed actions as to why I can't have my pet goat back. The police want nothing to do with it and said take it to court but I can't face my ex because I feared for my life that night. Can I get a friend to represent me? Will text messages from him saying yes that I can have the goat back and that it is mine hold up to get him back? I also have a statement off the man that gave me the goat in the first place that it was mine, intended for me and not my ex. Will that help? What else can I do. And my friend has property to keep my goat at as I will agist a paddock off her
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Patrick H. replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your question.You can't simply have a friend represent you, but if you engage a lawyer they can represent you and you likely would not need to attend.The emails and a statement from the person who gave/sold you the goat should suffice to establish it is in fact yours, and if you do get representation I think it would be likely that the ex would simply give up and hand over the goat because it sounds as if he has no sensible legal basis for keeping it.Also, if you were living together for 2 or more years you will be treated as having been in a defacto relationship which may also entitle you to make a claim for a division of property between you, and a lawyer can also assist you in making such a claim.If you need help locating a lawyer, contact the Law Institute as they can refer you to a suitable lawyer in your area: rate my answer.Thanks,Patrick