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I imported a top line show car built by pratt miller

Customer Question

I imported a top line show car built by pratt miller in America, it was scratched and poorly treated by the importer I used, I paid extra for him to pack it last in the container it went in first sustaining damage with all the work around it building a platform for a car to go above it, the last car in doesn't require people around it they just shut the container door.His contractor driver turned up and behaved quite poorly with the salemen at the car yard forcing them to complain about him, he abused my car by violently driving my car to
the truck, I have email proof of everything I have stated so far.
That being bad enough I contacted the insurer (who by the way was recommended by the importer 782 motors gold coast ),peter piranha insurance of Rockhampton he told me I had to wait he s had a cyclone go thru and had 550 homes without power or water I thought fair enough I waited a month,i have sent numerous emails to a number of people in his office not getting anywhere then finally I get hold of him after 5 months have lapsed and I get told hes has pushed my claim as much as he can and that he is stressed and then told me to "f**k OFF" .That is the last time I spoke to him I and absolutely beside myself with how I have been treated in this episode I want to stop mugs like these people doing this to others.There has been no action on my car as well.This car has been stored in Canberra awaiting approval for six months ,this car could of been hired to my girlfriends musclecar hire company I am suffering dealing with these grubs I have email proof where the importer deliberately delayed paperwork.
What are my best options
Chris Prigg
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Australia Law
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.
What a horrible situation to be in.
In respect of the matter, they have clearly breached their duty of care in respect of the vehicle, especially considering you have paid for for the vehicle to not be damaged.
In respect of the insurance claim,I suggest contacting the ombudsman and filing a complaint.
Otherwise, as the dealings were done in Rockhampton, if you were to sue them through the courts, it will need to be done in Qld sadly.
As it is an insurance claim, QCAT may well just make you deal with the ombudsman sadly.
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