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We went on a social four wheel drive trip organised by me through

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We went on a social four wheel drive trip organised by me through a website called meet up. One lady did not agree how vehicles were recovered and she interfered all day with all the members and then left a negative comment on the site. we decided we didn't want her in group so deleted her. She then threatened to sue me on the grounds of safety and she had some sort of vote from people there on the day and has advised my husband that he is now liable for everyone if anyone is ever hurt even if he is a passenger and now is suing for defamation
Absent some voluntarily contractual undertaking that you would accept liability, your liability for someone being injured cannot be affected by her holding a 'vote' and instead will be governed by the usual laws of negligence, which somewhat simplistically provide that a person is liable in damages for someone elses injuries if their injuries arise from that person's neglect or lack of due care, and it is up to a judge to assess that on a case by case basis, not for persons to simply vote on it in advance.

To protect yourself from such claims, you could consider seeing an insurance broker to get appropriate insurance, but you certainly aren't liable just because this woman says so.

To sue you for defamation she would generally have to show you did or said something untrue that is likely to tarnish her reputation. If you have been telling lies about her to third parties that is defamation, but simply deleting her from the meet up group does not constitute defamation.

Based on what you have said it seems likely her claims are baseless and she is simply making threats to be intimidating.

My strong suggestion is that you ignore her until or unless she makes a precise allegation not merely alleging defamation but setting out what you are alleged to have done that is defamatory.

I trust the above assists your understanding.

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Thank you and good luck.


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