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This has been a bit of a process and I am not that computor

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This has been a bit of a process and I am not that computor literate. So I have come through to this paid service when I have already written the problem-frustrating. The ? is weather my sister Kerrie has been treated fairly in the work place. She was taken aside on Friday and asked not to talk personally at work after a conversation after hours on the way home resulted in the other worker taking the time off.Does a conversation not heated come under bulling laws?

Need more info.

What was actually said and where?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have written this all prior to payement-frustrating. Kerrie my sister was leaving work- her and afemale college werevlocking up for the day.The conversation startedabout a holiday Kerrie is about to go on and it involves all the family. One of Kerrie's daughters is gender reassigned so she gets mudddled up and goes to he she and daughter/son so was explaining this to her college.This female college has had a daughter die but is not totally estranged from gendar reassignment as her deceased daughter had a female friend whom was a man. The next day the worker took the day off sick as aresult of this conversation. This was Wed- the boos called Kerrie in on Frid @ 4.30pm- there was no notice or enquery as to the convenience for this meeting- she requested Kerrie to have no further personal conversations at work. Kerrie was very upset having had no intention of upseting the other woman. As stated-Is all thisright in work law?


The conversation is of a personal nature and cannot be considered relevant at work at all, nor can it be not allowed to be discussed.

The conversation has nothing to do with work and cannot be outlawed.

I suggest that she flag this with HR or make a complaint here:

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

please clarify as my sister was still on work premises - and on heresay as I am third party- the conversation resulted in the other lady taking the day off sick. Does the manager have the right to organize their own work place so the sick day does not happen again?{ ie just work law and no offence]

I am saying it is a personal conversation with no bearing on work, even if the other party took the day off.

The employer has no right to stop any conversations of that type.

Please accept
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