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I am a contract manager looking after a 5. Million government

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I am a contract manager looking after a 5. Million government contract in Victoria. My contract states I do a minimum of 12. Months on 80,000 per year if a decide to go back to head office I get my old job back at 60,000 my company was told after 13 month living away and increasing sales up 25% I will give them 4 months to replace me, and I will finish at the eofy to return to my old position. They are saying my oldest ion is redundant , of course it,isn't there I wasn't doing it and no one else. I think they are pushing me out, the position description I have is ridiculous , it will take me one hour per day to complete these tasks, they feel they are meeting they promise to me and giving me a job or I take a redundancy. I have been with this company and the directors for over 13 years and have a very personal relationship with one of them for 3 of those years. I started with the company as a admin girls and I was able to fix and increase a govt contract that they have by 1 milion dollars in 12 month when 2 previous mail manager one of then was the company operations manager both could not do, both were sacked and hence why I went up there. They company knows what they are offering is only one hrs work per days and I just cannot sit there and twiddle my thumb. I feel this may be "constructive dismissal". Please could you email me back ASAP thanks I am 56 years old and was going to retire at this very profitable [email protected]
So are they paying you $6,600 a month when all you are working is one hour a day?

Also, at the end of the 12 months, are they allowing you to go back to your previous role for $60,000 a year?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes they will meet what they think are their obligations by offering "a position" and I have been personally told by one of the directors to just "make it work and if you need to you can twiddle your thumbs"

Yes they will still pay me 60000 per year when I have agreed to this offer. It is an absolute insult to me and would make my work environment very stressful when everyone else in the office is working their 40 hrs per week.
I see.

Unfortunately, so long as they are continuing to pay you, even though you are able to get the work done in an hour, there isn't anything that can be done here.

I have been employed in legal jobs that required a solicitor and after starting I discovered very little work needed to be done. By lunch time I had nothing at all to do for the rest of the afternoon, but the firm paid me my salary as agreed. As such, I know full well that it can be extremely boring and frustrating.

But constructive dismissal does not apply here, especially if you can go back to your old role when your secondment is up.

Should you have any other questions, please let me know.
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