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In Febraury 2111, I claimed insurance on a lot of furniture

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In Febraury 2111, I claimed insurance on a lot of furniture that was trashed by the removelist when we moved to our new house. After 18 months of stuff ups I was finally paid out on the 16 of November 2012. There was two items (a modular lounge suite and tv cabinet) that was supposed to be picked up last year and auctioned off for the insurance company to recoup some money. I have had 2 phone calls regarding this, first time the beginning of this year saying that the auctioneer was coming out to see this furniture, I was home all day he didn't show. I rang them the next day he wasn't available to discuss this so I asked them if he could ring me back when he returned. These auctioneers have my mobile, home phone number and my address. He rang again last Friday and said that he was going to come out and look at this furniture ( thought the idea was to pick it up and auction it ) As I wasn't going to be available until middle of this week I have heard no more. What I want to know is if I can charge this insurance company for storage as I have had this furniture in my house now for nine months. Which has been a hell of an inconvenience to say the least. I have not any storage space so it has been in my house all this time. I just think that after nearly three years this should have been settled long ago. The two times that he has rang, he's says "I've been trying to ring you"which for him to so call only get me twice in nine months is unbelievable as no one else has this sort of trouble contacting me. I personally think he only rings after the insurance company rings him

I think it would be most reasonable for the insurance company to at least pay some token sum for the inconvenience.

I have dealt with such matters before, fearing litigation, insurance companies to pay out 'go away money' to people like you.

I would write a letter to them demanding that they adhere to this request or face going to the ombudsman, actually, do both:

Please accept
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just thought I would let you know that fos does not deal with insurance complaints and Zurich say they are not paying its not their policy
all the best

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