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Daniel, Solicitor
Category: Australia Law
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Experience:  Bachelor of Laws (dist) Graduate Diploma in Legal Practise. Admitted NSW Supreme Court / High Court
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on the 18/11/2012 I was granted time with my daughter who was

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on the 18/11/2012 I was granted time with my daughter who was born on the 16/11/2011 as follows;
(i) from 12 noon on the first and third sunday until 5.00pm on the following monday;
(ii) from 3.00pm on the second sunday until 5.00pm on the following monday;
(iii) from 10.00am until 4.00pm on each thursday.

(b) Comencing in April 2013 from:
(i) from 12.00 noon on the first and third sundays until 4.00pm on tuesday;
(ii) from 3.00pm on the second sunday until 4.00pm on tuesday;
(iii) from 10.00am until 4.00pm each thursday:

(c) usual fathers day etc.

I realise this was a good result as my daughter was only one year old at the time, however at the time the orders were made i had some serious health issues (cancer).

Since then my health has stabilized and i've returned to work making the days i see my daughter eg. the monday and tuesday impractable as i work monday afternoon from 3.00pm till 9.00pm therfore not being able to put her to bed.

then tuesday morning i work from 5.00am until 1.00pm so not being there to wake her in the moring

my ex will not consider letting me have her from saturday till monday as she has three kids from her previous marriage which she sees on the weekend.

(i) how do i apply to have the days varried?
(ii) will the court consider my time with my daughter a priority over time with the other kids?
(iii) given i still have one more scan in november for my health can i apply at the same time for more access considering she's now 20months old?

thank you

i seek mediation and have the orders varied. You have a fundamental change of circumstances that if it went to court, you will get what you are seeking.

ii yes, definitely.

iii yes.

The court will most likely rule in your favor.

All the best, XXXXX XXXXX is that simple.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Which form do I use? Can you take me through it step by step please Daniel


Easier to show you the do it yourself kit:

Please accept.
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