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Hi There, I had taken my car to the mechanics for repairs due

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Hi There, I had taken my car to the mechanics for repairs due to clunking/metal scraping sounds coming from underneath. Was informed of what repairs needed and paid $560 for the following-
1/Front Link Pin Bush Kit and Service Labour-Steerring and Suspension
2/Front Brake Pads replaced and Machine Disc
Picked up car, all fine, no more noise. Approx 150kms driven over 3 days. Day 3 whilst driving at 60kms-loud clunk sound from the front of car, steering wheel rattling/shaking dramatically!!
Stopped driving, next day mechanics towed it back to the shop, apparently found 'nothing wrong'..............?? Advised me I needed to pay for towing fee $126 (they used another company for the towing service) I was advised I could ONLY pay cash (even though on previous occasions I been able to pay by cheque, eftpos and credit card) I was told the reason why was they had paid the towing company themselves and it was 'easier to balance the till". I offered to pay by cheque, eftpos and credit card as I didn't ave enough cash n me and wouldn't be able to get back for a few days. Advised that I could drop off cash later not an issue. On driving vechial home, slight metal rattling sound still coming from underneath car, which has continued to get worse. Advised mechanic, asked to bring to double check problem. I wasn't able to return car for at least another week due to work/time etc.
Rang mechanics 3-4 days later and left message with an employee requesting 'copy of towing bill' for my personal files. A week later recieved very long voicemail asking for towing company payment as 'Towing Company is chasing payment' I had been orginally told the Mechanics had paid bill..............?? Informed mechanics 'didn't want to take the matter further and get it finalise...........we do have your address details and address of where car was towed from..........but we'd prefer to not have to take the matter further. If you could make payment that would be great you could slide the money under the door in an envelope if you would like to '........??
Being time poor etc I haven't seeked Legal Advice yet. 5 days later another voicemail message requesting payment, advised 'Towing Company chasing payment, we would like to finalize payment, wouldn't want to take it further as Towing Company will come and tow your car away until payment has been made but we don't want that to happen'.....................??
Basically I don't trust them due to the above description..........where do I stand?
Thank you, Mel
Mechanics have called for towing payment

The contract is with the mechanic and the tow truck operator, not you.

They simply cannot do anything, Let alone tow your car away.

Do not be concerned, they cannot chase you for the debt, the car was not fixed correctly, They need to fix it and pay for the toe. Simple as that.

Please accept
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