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Daniel, Solicitor
Category: Australia Law
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Hi, i would like to get some advice on how can i sue someone

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Hi, i would like to get some advice on how can i sue someone for causing me mental harm . This person has been continuously texting ,calling and stalking my husband while he is at work then she was told by my husband not to contact him any more via SMS and due to the SMS she has now lodge a complaint with work HR and caused my husband to lose his job.
We have a very promising married life ( 7 years ) and this person has destroyed everything . I would like to sue her for compensation. Please advice, any help is appreciated.

Sadly there is little you can do in regard to the matter.

Mental anguish and the like is so very hard to prove in such matters.

I would like to give you better advice but i cant give false info / hope.

Your husband can however file a lodgement of an unfair dismissal claim.

But this needs to be done within 14 days.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have been seeing doctors because anxiety problems and my employer had records of my panic attack days which i needed to be off work for 4 days. Also because of her we had been to more than 10 times professional counselling because of the drama she caused in our marriage. Can that be the evidences ? Unfortunately it was my husband's boss who advised him to quit before the company starts investigating as it will bring him a bad reputation for future so we are not really in a position to lodge the unfair dismissal claim. I would really like to do something to sue her for causing me all these griefs which was not needed.

Thanks again.



You are in a position for unfair dismissal because it seems like a constructive dismissal that was unair.

My advice above still stands, sadly.

Please accept
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