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hi there i need advice as a subcontractor my x boss is not

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hi there i need advice as a subcontractor my x boss is not reconising my invoices and refuses to pay then on email is saying he will send me invoices for the use of company epuipment months after i used the work truck as i was told no worrys i could use truck no charge no problem


I would suggest sending them a letter of demand and having the matter dealt with by litigation if they do not pay.

They have acknowledged the debt. They have no defence, if you file in court, you should win with the evidence you have.

More info:

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks m8 but if i chase this up can he invoice me for use of company property truck etc


also is he intitled to take hours off invoices that i have written out excuse being that the job took too long when there was no time frame discussed

nor any contract signed i work on an hourly rate


He cannot invoice you for that no.

No, the invoices cannot me amended.

The contract is not necessary, there are invoices and i trust verbal arrangements that can be relied upon.

The above advice given prior still stands.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks m8


have another queiry for you i have contracted to this company for just over 3 months in that time on numurous occasions i have documented work done in my diary time date tasks etc .. before writing out the inv for job have been instructed to drop several hours off the job is this legal or did i stuff up when i wrote the invoice out is there a way i could possibly get reimbursed for these hrs lost ... thanks


You can be reimbursed for the amount, but if you gave the ok to reduce, it may be difficult to reclaim.

Please accept.
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