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Hello I work as a state sales manager for a manufacturing firm

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I work as a state sales manager for a manufacturing
firm selling to retail stores. Is it illegal to
manufacture products that do not have
contents in them as advertised to the consumer and retailer?

The ACL and ACCC states it's fraudulent misrepresentation.
Knowing this leads me to have to resign my
position. What are my rights as it's unfair
I have to resign because the Company is
doing wrong. Thank you


No it is illegal. It is misleading and deceptive conduct.

They can be sued.

If they treat you unfairly or different to the others is bullying in the workplace and can be reported to the fair work ombudsman.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you
I have researched ACL laws on silence. Knowing
what is happening and finding it's been going on
for some time now I am not changing the Companies
mind at all which I feel will cause me to be for

If this information came to public view it would
effect Many large National Retailers and would become
a major blow to National brands and massive lawsuits
and class action suits. How do I resign based on not able to
perform my duties without causing so much harm. I don't want
to sound like it's blackmail. I have the proof it's in the stores and
Nationally advertised. Can I request a severance package
and go away? Best that a Attorney represents me in this aspect?
Key question is I know what's not being done. Am I wrong to continue
employment knowing this when they are not addressing it?

It is a matter for you, but i would lawyer up, push for a severance package with an agreement between you and the employer.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. Sorry to be a pest!
Key question:
Am I breaking the law to continue on knowing
what we are doing wrong. Can I be held accountable
for silence?

No, not at all.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Last question
Being that I can't personally be held accountable
it becomes a moral issue. I can't continue to train
sales staff and promote products claiming specific
Claims that are advertised and untrue.

I have a strong case then to resign and ask
for a package?

You have a strong case, they will most likely settle and move on.

Please accept
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you
None of this will be posted I hope?
No, you need not worry.

Please accept.
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