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Daniel, Solicitor
Category: Australia Law
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i am to see a constable soon about some illegal pills that

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i am to see a constable soon about some illegal pills that i had on me approx. 40 they r my pills that i was using to loose some weight i had taken them for two weeks and had enough for the next 2 week cycle. i explained this to the police bcs its the truth im not a drug dealer or dependant, i work full time in the mines so i can and am drug tested all the time, its a one off thing that i was trying bcs i wanted to cheat to get off some weight for running, i have never been in trouble like this before, the constable i need to see is going to question me again soon but they have had the pills for months now and they havent been properly tested and i was told i will be going to court, should i have a lawyer now and what r the outcomes from this please help

Do not go to the police and make any statement at all.

There is no need to do so.

You have a right to silence.

I am guessing you are taking duramine tablets? Or something of that nature? If no they are legal and you should simply decline the interview.

You have a valid reason for them, it is not illegal and do not attend the police station for any interview.

If it goes to court, plead not guilty and explain that they are for your personal use. You should not be penalised.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i did not obtain these tablets from a doctor and they did a sample test at the station and said it contained amphetamines i got them off some guy at work through a guy i work with so i have no medical certificate for them the constable was trying to say that they r ecstasy tablets, i dont know what they r but there not that bcs i took up to 8 per day and worked and did everything i usually did they made me feel a bit unwell and my heart rate seemed a little affected but i definately didnt feel high so to speak, i did obtain the pills illegally so i must be in some sort of trouble


It at worst will be pills without prescription.

It will be dealt with by way of a fine at worst.

My advice has not changed.

Please accept.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

one last thing will i get a criminal record and can this effect me getting an overseas visa as i do require a visa for my work thank you


You would not get a record, but if you do, it is not serious enough to be an issue for a visa.

Please accept.
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